Saturday, August 12, 2017

just a few words on the events of the day....

 in Charlottesville...
 saw our weak POTUS speak weak words.  condemning all sides.  it is he who has allowed this element of our society to be rejuvenated. he gave them a platform.  he has not denounced them.  he became a hero for this element of society when he went after President Obama's place of birth.  he has continued to blame Obama for everything.  now he gives a weak speech denouncing the acts of today while really placing the blame not on the released racist element of our society but instead on all sides.
 his words mean nothing and will continue to mean nothing as long as he has these alt right members in his administration.  until he purges his administration of the likes of Bannon, Miller, Gorka....he knows that the alt right and their white supremacist views are a big part of his base, they were key in getting him elected. the GOP, unwittingly or not, has embraced the white supremacist movement.  if they ever want to be free of them they must take action against them.  they must purge this administration of these white supremacist members.  they must vote out any members that have these leanings.
 for my friends and relatives that voted for this administration and were upset that they were assumed to be racist.  you do have an opportunity to prove those who may have lumped you in with the white supremacists wrong.  you must stop sitting quietly back and hoping to not be lumped in.  you must pick up your phones and get on your computers and contact this administration and the elected officials of the GOP and inform them that you do not support this white supremacist take over of the GOP. you must call for action to be taken...for those of the ilk of Bannon, Miller and Gorka to be removed from the positions they hold. you must call for any in this administration who have sympathy towards the white supremacists to be removed.  if you remain silent it is on you.  it is long past time for you to stand up and be heard.
 we all have racist tendencies, it is up to us as individuals to recognize when we are allowing that part of ourselves to have a voice in our heads.  we must reach out to those who are different than us and try to understand the things that make us different and embrace those but also to embrace all the things which make us the same. as a white person, it is up to me to be more sensitive.  to understand that the color of my skin has allowed me to live in a different world than many others, a safer world, a world with more opportunities. that doesn't mean i must feel guilt or self hatred, just that i should be aware and i should reach out and strive to make things more equal for all.
 my heart goes out to those injured and killed today in this act of violence.  my gratitude to those who went out there on the streets, at great risk, and stood up against those white supremacists/neo-nazi's.  my gratitude to those who fight the less obvious acts of racism every day, who hold their heads high, who don't allow this hatred to seep into their souls but take the high road and live great lives.
i urge all to contact their representatives in our government and ask that those who have sympathy towards this hate filled element of our society are removed from positions of power...only then will the words they speak be believed.

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