Thursday, June 4, 2009

hike in hatchers...

thought i'd toss in a few pictures from our walk in hatchers pass today. doesn't do the landscape justice, but the wildflowers look nice. i think i need the other lens for better landscape shots. probably should have altered the iso for the brightness. will have to experiment.
lots of beaver dams/ponds in the region. the little su river runs through the valley and you follow it back for miles. i ended up walking just over 6 miles total, plus the 2 miles this morning for rio. i left her home today. she was already moving slow just going on our morning walk so i know it's best.
chatted with another brother who likes to rant. guess he now knows who i voted for in the presidential election, i was just trying to prevent him from assuming i agreed with him on all political issues. he ranted about politics for almost 5 min without giving me a chance to speak,which i pointed out. anger isn't dialogue. i just tuned him out i must say and watched the scenery. i really just want to keep in touch with family and how thier lives and kids are, i have no desire to get into big political/religious debates with any of them. i know where they stand, they don't care where i stand. good enough...right.
luckily, that was before my hike so i got a nice relaxing walk in. no bear activity noted. i stopped and bought plants for my deck containers and came home and started to garden. just another beautiful alaskan day.
i'd signed up to request tonight as an overtime shift and they never got back to me to "award" me the shift. the charge called at around 5pm to see if i maybe was still interested. i think they are supposed to give you at least 24 hour notice. i'll have to check. anyway. i just said it was too late, i'd checked my email several times for this shift and when it wasn't awarded by this morning i made other plans. when i went online the shift had been awarded to me at about 6pm today. not sure what that means..hopefully it just means i get put in the pool for the gift card. so despite the poor economy nursing is still a good industry to be in. there are less travel jobs for nurses though, many are just signing on with hospitals and riding it out.
off to curl up with the latest read.

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