Tuesday, June 30, 2009

parting shots...

seeing lions head is always a sign that the drive is almost over and you are nearly home. not really sure i get the lion part of it so much...guess it depends on the angle of approach.
above is part of the log cabin from one of the hikes we took. this one was out of the campground. orv trails everywhere so you could have walked for miles no doubt. i think this was probably a homesteader shack. there is no way i could have survived those days in that mosquito infested land without any deet. i wonder if many people went crazy back then.

the dogs were the real entertainment. this is a rare moment of rio sleeping. they would all curl up together, heads on backs...then rio would move again and disrupt everyone. at one point rio stepped on poor mandee's head. another time mandee had laid down on blossoms head. not sure how she was breathing. you gotta love dogs to share a car with them on a roadtrip. luckily, my friend kelly is very dog friendly. rio is wonderful, but she can be a handful. i could tell the hot stinky breath was a bit much for kelly at times. i think kelly woke up scared one night thinking there was a bear outside her tent til she realized it was just rio snoring in the element. i am a very sound sleeper apparently.
not sure why this picture loaded sideways. hmmm....anyway. i thought they looked all calm and happy in the sunshine. rio wouldn't settle til i got a blanket for her to lay on. such a princess.

this is a picture of blossom trying to get to bed. she was done for the night after probably about 8 miles of hiking. hmmm 4+ am, a few at lunch and then another 2-3 on the summit. such a sweet pup she is. rio turned in soon after. i think it was nearly 10 pm in this picture.

another sign of being nearly home...the mighty matanuska glacier. this puppy is huge and you can see it for miles. i really need to do a day trip out there again and take a hike on the glacier.
now i'm off to bed. i went to the dog park and then out to byron glacier today as it's warm and sunny. i really should plan on doing yardwork and chill tomorrow. more poppies are blooming. i love the colour. so pretty and blue!!


  1. Absolutely love the pictures. So precious the dog faces in sleep--my daughter concurs.

    It's weird to know it's summer with all that ice still out there.

  2. LOVE the photos! You get to do such cool trips up there, and those dogs are the cutest ever. Hilarious that Rio wouldn't get comfortable without a blanket! Dogs are the best.

  3. i love to watch dogs and kids sleep. such peace. even drool and snoring is cute with them.