Thursday, June 25, 2009

pictures and ramblings...

these are just some pictures from yesterdays ramblings around the old independence mine site.

loads to do before i leave saturday. i always put everything off til the last minute. now i'm madly making lists to check off. it will all work out. of course, busy for me is a normal day for most people i i'm not really complaining.

apparently, this jon and kate with the multiple kids have announced they are divorcing. not that i watch the show..i never have. i have caught clips of it when channel surfing. sad that people use thier kids for thier own gain. i guess my opinion is that if you have that many kids you have even more responsibility to give them a stable upbringing. they probably started with good intentions. pay the bills, have enough care/supplies for the number of kids that came thier way. as they say,"the road is paved with good intentions". these people got greedy. "money is the root of all evil" and there is much truth in this. ulitmately, these people used thier kids to become wealthy beyond what was reasonable and now these kids will pay for it. one wonders what they will think one day when they figure out that thier lives were put on public display for the benefit of thier parents.

it's just annoying to me. having kids is a huge responsibility. maybe i tend to judge others a bit as i have no kids. when i was young i thought that when i got to a certain age and i wasn't married, i'd just have kids. when i got to those ages though i was mature enough to realize that being a parent wasn't really something i wanted to do alone. people do it,but being single has great benefits,being a single parent though is tough. why would i give up my single life to be totally stressed and ultimately probably not do as well by kids as i would otherwise. if i was independantly wealthy...maybe i would have made a different choice.

i think we all have our own life path to follow and i have just taken my path and accepted it for what it is. accepting your life the way it comes to you will bring you more joy than if you fight it. doors open and you walk through them. if you force a door open you may be very unhappy with what comes to you. another common saying, "be careful what you ask for you may get it".

there are alot of unwanted kids in the world, are some born without ability to have kids so that these kids have a chance? am i single so that if something were to happen to one of my siblings there would have been an aunt that could have taken over at some point? (not that they would have selected me since i left the church) so many moral/ethical issues today. i love to ponder all of it, it's fascinating to me. these people brought 8 kids into the world because they wanted to have thier genes carry on. as i got older i figured i'd wait for the right guy and if i still wanted kids and was too old, i could always try to adopt.

of course, knowing hollywood, this is probably all a publicity stunt and they will be re-united by the end of next season.
other sad news in alaska. now 7 homeless guys have been found dead in the past like 3 months. they so far don't think they are related and feel it may just be lifestyle and exposure. i find that hard to believe. even in the deep, cold winter we've never had that many homeless turn up dead in this short of time. on another sad story a 47 year old woman was just murdered and the suspect is a guy who was on parole for a previous murder where the victim was stabbed 40 times. he was wanted for parole violations again. just seems so senseless.

okay...i really must get to this list of stuff to do. you know i'm just avoiding it by blabbing away on the blog.
so i just returned from a walk and lunch with a friend, tonya, whom i worked with in ketchikan and now she just moved up to anchorage from oklahoma. she's happy to be back in alaska. of course, i walked the bog by my house and the mosquito's attached themselves to rio, when i got the dogs in the car the mosquito's detached and i went about nuts trying to dodge and kill mosquito's while i drove. got rio's pain meds and added another errand to the list. the car needs oil change.
michael jackson died today. pretty sad really. i think his life was pretty sad in the end. farrah fawcet passed as well.that is the news. off to start on the list again...


  1. Feel the same way about kids! I prefer the 4 legged kind!
    John (Wesley`s Dad)

  2. I tried to watch that jon and kate + 8 one time and got very annoyed with their parenting and pettiness. Someone really needs to take them to task about just what you were saying and so much more.

    And I agree about parenting--it takes a huge support system for a woman/man doing it alone. It has been done well. However, even married I feel like if our church family weren't here to support us sometimes well, I'd go mad. And I'm having lots of fun doing the parenting for the most part. Every once in a while...

    And it takes a lot more maturity to live as a single and not take on the responsibility than it does to just plunge on into the marriage and divorce cycles. I do think there are lots of children available thru adoption who could use a single parent's undivided attention though...if you were to change your mind.

  3. the perks of being single are pretty great. with a child and no partner, there is no break. i'll stick to the 4 legged like john. life takes it's own path sometimes so one should never say never.