Monday, June 8, 2009

it's midnight and it's darker inside than out...

planted my raised flower beds in the last week or so. my friend scott made these. i like to plant lettuce in these and then just go out in the evenings and take some leaves for a fresh salad that evening. you can see that the lettuce is already growing. it's absolutely amazing how quickly things grow here. one day i will take pictures every 12 hours and you will be shocked. you literally can watch the grass grow....and not be bored. i still have many patches of lawn to repair. i usually finally get a nice lawn in time for fall to come and kill it all off.
the picture below is taken at midnight from inside the house. as you can see it's much darker in than out. it's 1am now and it just looks like never gets totally dark. just another alaskan thing you would have to experience yourself. i love driving down northern lights blvd (which runs east/west) and looking north to the light and south to darkness. the other 3 pictures were taken outside at midnight as well.

above is my lettuce begining to grow. below is the project i worked on a bit this evening, besides just the usual planting and weeding. my friend, scott, who made the raised beds also made me an outdoor cat run. there is a screened in section that i add in the summers. it looks a bit of a mess as blossom went through the side and the top as a puppy so the screen was traded out for sturdier chicken wire, the repairs don't look too pretty and the mosquitos can find thier way into the house easier with the chicken wire. oh well. pogi does enjoy getting his feet in the dirt and grass and chasing the bugs in his little green patch. he went out immediatly when i opened the hatch to the cage. my neighbor was putting her little girls to bed last week and asked if i was getting chickens as she saw this big thing in the yard. no chickens...just a happy cat.

below is the moose picture i meant to put in yesterday. can't believe i can't recall from 3 minutes which picture i already loaded. i'm getting sleepy again so i'll bid farewell before such silliness occurs today.

of course, it take so long to load these pictures lately...strange...some days they totally load in minutes other days, not so much. just watched a horribly, dark,strange movie that i wouldn't recommend to anyone. "cries and whispers". just odd and ridiculous. who knows what i was thinking putting that one on netflix. oh well.

had a rather enjoyable day. each year they have a frisbee catching contest thing for dogs. blossom is a pretty dang good catcher so i wanted to put her in just to see what we'd do. she was totally well behaved and caught all but the first throw i believe....and that was my fault. i had an inkling of the rules, but understood this game much better the second round. she and i both did better the next run through. those herders are much quicker and can jump much it was a very hot day by alaskan standards and blossom has alot of coat. we won a toy in the raffle, but otherwise i'd say we were just "also rans". it was fun and i quite enjoyed watching all the dogs. rio even had fun. they had puddle pools and she had a blast stepping into each pool and splashing about. very funny. she fills the entire puddle pool. blossom tends to lay down in those as well so she got cooled off on several occasions. there were some people with super sized lenses taking pictures before the event took place. blossom did some great practice maybe she'll be in the paper just for her cuteness. some friends came out to support us and took pictures so hopefully i'll get a few of those to post soon.

i took the pups to the dog park afterwards as a reward for putting up with lounging at the park so much. they always love the dog park. a group of regulars gave rio her treats and reported that one of the regulars, an older dog with a knee issue of late, is going to get fitted for her brace tomorrow. hurray rio..helping dogs across alaska. sounds like the specialty clinic does this fairly regular now as they are able to just cast and get measurements immediately. i waited for the kit from so the process was much slower...sorry for the change. the pictures just loaded and so i of course, can't recall the font i selected. do you see a pattern of short term memory loss here. of course, it's really no different than it was for me years ago so i'm not too worried yet. the good thing about losing your memory is that you have no idea you've lost it really, cause you forget. right? anyway, i think it's cool that rio's brace and my insistence on it is benefiting other area dogs.
the rest of the afternoon was spent in the yard so i was out in the glorious alaskan sun all day!! i have the alaskan tan to prove it!

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