Monday, June 15, 2009

most docs are nice...some are total jerks!!

was pretty sleepy between shifts. last week i did get out with kelly in campbell for a walk with the pups. weather continues decent with periods of light rain. the clouds roll through and we seem to get sunshine almost every day. it's great. the yard needs the water anyway. though i enjoy working in the garden, my garden still looks like not much has been done. the lawn is starting to grow in. will be great by the time fall comes and then it all begins again. the flowers here are just local wildflowers growing at the dog park in this case.

so these are the baby moose that hang with thier mom at the dog park. they are growing week by week. fun to watch them each week. so adorable. mom is pretty watchful over them and she is more than willing to give the dogs a little warning charge if they get too close. i really wish people would be more careful. no dog should get close enough to make her nervous. i know it's an off leash park, but everyone talks and warns you of where the mom and her baby are this day or that day. love the dog's just a wonderful place and in generally the people are great. anytime i go i see people who are pretty regular and have become dog park friends.

i think rio looks pretty dang big until she runs into this dog. this dane is the longest legged dane i've ever run into. he's 3 years old and pretty spunky. the two had fun playing.

just finished up with 4 nights of work. i really worked those shifts....earned my money and then some. it can be challenging. it got a bit overwhelming at times. i had a very sick post open heart for 4 nights and always with a second patient as well. two of those nights i also had another post open heart. i had pacer/rhythm issues with both patients. unfortunately the second open heart was done by the group with the nasty doctor. he belittles and bullies every chance he gets. he's just impossible. generally he's pissed not about the care of the patients (which i suspect he cares little about) but instead he's ticked about how you have contacted him. i had to call him on night 3 twice. the first call to let him know that the patients urine output was minimal and that her pacer wires weren't working and she was in a junctional rhythm. this means that the pacer of the heart is coming from somewhere very different than normal. he asked about her blood pressure and it was stable, though this patient lives with a very high blood pressure so this was much lower for her, but normal for most.

i was given orders and thought i was in the clear when this jerk says, "so, are you unable to read?". even though i had called his office and the charge and contacted him just the way he wants to not get pissed he accused me of not contacting him in his preferred method, his home phone. as i had called this exact number...well i just explained that i had called his office and our charge and this was his preferred way to be gotten ahold of and this was his home phone...he just muttered something about being tired and hung up. i was stunned...nothing i could ever do was going to make a situation where i wouldn't get the brunt of it from this idiot. in the morning i had to call him again to tell him that the urine didn't improve and the rhythm remained unchanged. i said something about the two being related and he just said that he didn't think they were. this was the very first time he didn't attack me on the phone....but..........
it wasn't over. that night i said i would work in the adult icu again instead of working in the peds icu which had no patients really. i almost long as i don't get this idiots patients. but i was thinking my open heart patient i'd had all week before this lady would be put on the continuous dialysis and i'd be taking care of him that night. instead when i get to work i've been moved across the unit to 2 totally new patients. i knew the idiot cardiac surgeon probably went nuts and insisted i not take care of her, but the other cardiac dude and i have always gotten along so i though..omg what happened today??? apparently, the idiot doc claimed i never told him about the rhythm issues all night and that the fact that i charted what we had spoken of was of no consequence. he claimed i'd falsified the charting. if that isnt' the most annoying/irritating thing ever!!! personally, i think this is strange and paranoid behaviour and wonder if maybe the idiot is headed towards a mental breakdown. people at work say he's lost a great deal of weight and just looks sickly. he's not well liked by all....everyone hates calling him as he's so unpredictable.
the charges were really just trying to move me to give me an easy night and so i was relieved that the other cardiac group hadn't complained. i went ahead and took that patient back again along with another one.
luckily, i have some great and supportive co-workers..nurses are great people. we've all been there with jerk docs. when you are a nurse, you end up putting up with some level of crap from a few docs. most docs are fine. i've had some pretty strange and irritating encounters in my almost 17 years of nursing. can't believe it's been that long. flo and i had a blast between all the stress working together. she'd brought in squirt guns and we'd attack passersby and each other in order to relieve our stresses. one time in a moment of feeling overwhelmed..i squirted myself. we busted up.
had to vent after that week...


  1. My hubs is a nurse anesthetist and has had some of the same type encounters w/ docs through his time at this post. He of course shares your view of nurses-- Sometimes he'll go on about a surgeon--says the only diff. between them and our 2 yr old is that she'll grow out of the tantrums.

    Love those baby moose. Great pix. Your new camera?

  2. those babies are so cute...i'm totally loving watching them grow. i usually just take my smaller powershot camera to the dog park. it's a muddy place, but i should take my new one and try and get some shots of these babies before the mom moves them.

    i know if i behaved like some of these docs i'd be in the office and probably let go, they often get a pass as it's so hard to replace them. very frustrating.