Tuesday, June 23, 2009

himalayan poppies...

my poppy is just about to bloom. it's so exciting!! okay, so i'm easily thrilled. i planted them last year and this year they are growing in well. i just noticed today that the blue babies were about to be born. they are so pretty!! the rest of the garden is growing. especially the weeds. i know, weeds are just beautiful plants that happen to grow in the wrong place. they are very good at growing in my yard though. i hacked out about 300 dandelions today...only one came out with a 10 inch root attached so they'll be back. but no matter...my himalayan poppy is blooming!!
above is my fair city of anchorage...lots of green out there. i was out walking on the prospect heights trail system. rio is a bit sleepy today. guilt, guilt. tomorrow i'll have to leave her to guard the house and just take blossom out to hatchers pass.

blossom makes the most of the mud on the trail. that was as exciting as my day was. no moose sightings or bear. i did see some bear scat on the trail, but it's yesterdays poop so i wasn't too concerned. this evening was spent at work re-learning how to do basic life support. we made the most of our time there and had fun while learning.


  1. Now that is one joyfully happy dog. So does she shake all that off or do you get a hose out?

    Really am enjoying your peaks into life up there--wish it would cool me off! Love the Himalayan poppy too.

  2. she air drys outside mostly. the hose is the enemy in her mind. a small pool of water can be your best friend in the heat. i prefer it a bit cooler though and alaska rarely gets over 70 F which is grand by me. hope you can get up here some day.

  3. Sounds perfect for me. I daydream of such a cool area. I'm always willing to put on more clothes.

    I was there in June of 1990, and it was perfect, though there were 90 degree days and never a night. I always thought I'd get back up there sooner.

    The bears un-nerved me and every time we started to hike I'd see the "mother with cubs" sign and turn around.