Sunday, June 7, 2009

spring babies....

went to the dog park again today and those baby moose are still there chilling with their mom...obviously, mom feels safer around a plethora of dogs than one bear. she's pretty smart. they were hanging out in the creek by the bridge when i ran into them. it was so fun watching those babies in the water. they were just enjoying themselves. totally carefree. of course, mom was keeping watch. they eventually moved on and we did as well.

after the dog park we headed downtown to the annual oceans festival. good training for the dogs to be around such mayhem. they have several booths, including food. lots of people and dogs hanging out and there was music as well. such a pretty day for it. hopefully, i get blossom signed up tomorrow for her frisbee thing and the weather holds. rio and blossom were really good at the festival. they loved all the extra pettings and attention they got. rio had some pulling around all the food smells, expected i suppose. lots of temptations. they settled in though and lay about totally relaxed despite all going on around them. proud dog owner moments!!

had to run a few more errands, take a quick shower and head off to a bachelorette/shower for a friend at work, melissa. we started at don joses ( a pretty lousy mexican restaurant if you ask me, they don't even have thier liquor license except for beer and wine so no margarita's) then moved onto the snowgoose ( a much better restaurant and bar with a deck and a view). they all were headed to f-street(which is good as well). i'm just not into the whole bar hopping around town. i did enjoy a lovely "tom collins" at snow goose. haven't had one of those for several years. just a nice drink. now i'm home listening to music on the ipod. i just got one of those dockers with speaker. a patient had had this one and i liked it so when i got those gift cards for amazon and the camera bits didn't work out i bought this and the books, which i still excitedly await!! so far i'm liking this docking station. it's compact and has decent sound. on tonights play list, simon and garfunkle and sarah mclachlan. good music.

worked last night on peds. no patients in the peds icu. so it was a pleasant night. i had some time to look at different b&b's for kodiak. hopefully i can get a decent one and don't procrastinate here too much more. i want to rent a car for my days there and cruise as many roads and little beaches as i can. i'd also like to check into a kayak one day. will check prices and times. could be fun if weather is decent. i was on call the night before. obviously pretty slow. it was a bit cloudy so i chilled much of day with a book. i love lazy days.

well, i'll get ready for bed while i wait these few pictures to load. i'm quite sleepy.


  1. okay...i am sleepy. was supposed to put in a picture of the mom in the water with both baby moose and just repeated the same little moose picture. too sleepy to figure out how to erase the picture. apologies for computer incompetence. hope you enjoy anyway. :-)

  2. Loved it. Their fur is so velvety. Are your dogs on leash when you are close to moose? Do they stay silent or bark?

    My older, pooh bear dog has gotten cows and deer to sniff noses with him--just a very laid back dog. The younger one is the guard and launches into attack regularly, even with the neighbor's bull.

  3. i put them both on leash. blossom really just wants to play, rio wants to say hello. the babies would probably be game, but that mom moose may kick...a dog just died last week when it tangled with a mama moose. she kicked him in the head and then started chasing the owner. the mama moose got shot, the babies abandoned...then stolen and that lady got pulled over by the cops. the babies are at the zoo temporarily.