Wednesday, September 30, 2009

doggles to the rescue....

so today got sunny and i am not clear where my sunglasses i happened to have the doggles in the car from the volcano watch. (which has calmed down by the way). i took a few snaps in the car before blossom and i headed off in kincaid for our walk. it turned out to be an absolutely beautiful day. blue skies on this side of town anyway.
loving all the fall colours still and kincaid seemed to be in full bloom. i was planning on raking leaves in my yard today,but obviously didn't get to that. they are really coming down though. there has been frost on everything in the mornings and the weather forcaster today said she thinks anchorage will get measurable snowfall by the 10th of october. eek!! i still have to rake a bit and change over tires and clean up more in the garden. i enjoy the walks though as i have zero responsibility to clean up any plants out there....i can just take in the colours.

blossom looks adorable in her doggles...i just wish she didn't mind wearing them, but i have a less than 30 second window to just get a photo of her. hehe. dogs in doggles are the best!! they kept fogging up on me when i was wearing them and i was watching for other dog walkers out there. hmm..where are the sunglasses at.
it's been a rough week in the world. a few big quakes, a tsunami and flooding in manilla. i know my mom would be saying the end of the world is coming. when you study history though i find it hard to not see that horrible events such as these and worse have occured repeatedly throughout history and so far it hasn't been the end of the world. my heart does go out to all the people who have perished in these events and to those around them who are in pain as i quietly enjoy my stroll through the woods. it's a strange and disconnected world sometimes. i can be smiling and enjoying my life at the same moment that others are struggling and dying.

the dogs both joined me for a half walk in the was a little limpy last night and i was in a bit of a rush anyway. i met a friend for lunch. our first place that we planned to meet at was closed due to changing over to new management. i tried to call her before she got the wee ones out of the car seats and all, but then i saw her standing by her car. we ended up at red robyn. my friend has her hands full with the 3 year old. we ate, we talked, but it was hard to really have a conversation due to frequent interruptions and such. i felt badly for her. that parenting thing is quite taxing.

well another day, not much done...what can i say. i'm lazy sometimes. off to bed...

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