Friday, September 11, 2009

enjoying the fall colours...

leaf at university lake. it's getting really nice there now. below is moose i saw on the side of the road heading to north bivouac today. she was super big! her baby was nearby,but more in the woods. i sat in the car and watched her feed for a few minutes. luckily blossom is getting better at not barking at stuff from the car.
blossom enjoys her walk on n. bivouac. she is really just putting up with my photo op in hopes that i'll soon toss her tennis ball again.

a little closer picture of those leaves blossom was on. these were green before...what a pretty colour they turn in the fall though, eh?

same moose, different angle. it's raining outside...hmm. i really want to drive north to see fall colours. not really wanting a deluge though. i'll see what it looks like when i wake tomorrow. pretty moose though.

it's a rapid decent into fall now. the leaves are turning. it goes from the ground of the forest up. have worked the last few nights but did get out with the dogs for some local walks . above is at the university lake dog park. took the dogs there yesterday. i just gauge how rio is walking and go from there. don't think she'll ever do the long walks again, but she does seem to enjoy her little mile loops. we'll keep her happy as long as her joints allow. the tree below is one that grows around the dog park. there are just a few tree's that really show thier colours this time of year. these are actually in a parking lot. i loved the deep reds.

rio got to go wading at the lake. i've been going without her brace as i think it's putting added pressure on the other knee to wear it. ( the non brace knee is the one that is bugging her right now)

some leaves just look extradinarily pretty. i just love fall. hopefully, i can get out to denali highway over these next few days and see what there is to see out there.

the next picture i took right after i woke up. this is what i saw when i woke. i love having a view of the chugach range from the bed. it's not as good as my view in southeast alaska. the ocean is always a wonderful view, but this ain't nothing to complain about either. had another strange dream. i'm always getting lost trying to get to work and i get all stressed out. often i get to the hospital but it turns into some sort of maze. this week i was walking in the forest and "woke up" to discover i was hours late for work. not sure why i didn't take my car in the dream, but i started running. again...couldn't find my way.

work was pretty cake this week. families this week were really nice and overall just easy work and pleasant people. got another atv injury. it's been a bad year for those buggers. this girl still may lose her leg, but she is lucky that is all. no helmet and they ran out on the road onto an oncoming truck. that had to hurt.

was laughing last night as i started playing bookworm in the wee hours of the night. a doc came through to see her new admit and i think she will now become another bookworm addict. she was busily charting, then i noticed she was watching the game, then she started looking for words. yeah....she's a bookwormer!

went and saw "hangover" with a group from work. it's supposedly crazy funny. it was pretty funny. not sure if i was just too tired or if i had heard too much about it. i liked it, but it wasn't all that the hype made it out to be. oh well. could be that continued low fever and aches and such...too tired to get all the jokes. i'll have to watch it again when i'm more alert and see if i find it more humorous.
i'm too sleepy to write more and too sleepy to finish the snacks i made...i think the m&m's will keep. (obviously i didn't make m&m's. i just had a few slices of cheese and half a pear. ) good night....


  1. All of your subjects just look so happy to be photographed. I swear the moose is grinning at you in that second photo.

  2. she was probably thinking of ways to dent my element. hehe.