Monday, September 28, 2009

the monday walks begin

last years walks were pretty fun and successful. so i posted signs for this year. i figured i might be walking alone today. i walk anyway, so it really doesn't matter to me. just an option for people who aren't too keen about walking alone and it gets me socializing when people do show up. not that i'm really anti-social or anything, but i do tend to be a bit of a hermit. i'm quite different than my days in the past. i used to spend several days a week out at the local clubs dancing and socializing. i still get out in my own way. i know loads of people at the dog park and various trails around town. i'm the girl who starts up a conversation with people in line or waiting for my car or whatever.
anyway...lucky for me lena showed up. she's a person at work who i always enjoy. she's just good people so it was nice to get out with her for a walk and get to know her a bit. above is blossom in yet another puddle. we got some rain, snow in the mountains. though i must say some of the snow has melted back so the ground isn't frozen up there. my tires are by the back gate so one step closer to the tire change over. everyone seems more ready for winter this year than last year...i think it's because we had such a lovely summer and fall has also been wonderful. blossom enjoyed being the solo dog and is pretty sleepy now. i tried to get a picture of blossom in all the leaves as she blends in quite a bit...she's not the most cooperative subject sometimes so here she is getting pets from lena. blossom has some bizzare look on her face. did she do that for the camera on purpose. haha.
got up early and walked both dogs in the bog. these leaves were floating in the little creek there. leaves are everywhere. i have yet to rake. my leaves are a bit behind,but are starting to drop now. they are big trees so it will be a mess out there by next week or so. got rio settled with her peanut butter and off i went with blossom. when i got home rio had counter surfed and found some old rice crispy treats. brat! so she got in some trouble. later i got ready to hit the pool and was laughing as once i had the peanut butter ready...i'm her peanut butter connection apparently.

i did get to the pool...was pretty happy as i got in nearly 50 laps and most of those i was breathing correctly and didn't use the kickboard. i need a new swimming suit soon i think. shopping on line...i love getting mail. that pool is hopping all the time.
below are some geese that are crossing the road...they are grouping up to get ready to fly south. the geese are the sign of coming winter and their return is the sign of springs return. i always love how cocky geese are. they leave here for months and yet they return like they own the place.
just the edge of bicentennial park on tudor road. i'm at this intersection all the time so i took the picture from my car as i turned right on tudor road. in the winter you can see dog teams out here at times. frequently, i see moose.
saw a sweet movie the other day. "pheobe in wonderland" . a girl who doesn't fit in at all finds she can feel normal playing alice in the school play. in the end she has tourettes syndrome but life can be difficult when something has taken over the family and a child you love. i thought it was a charming tale. it had dakota fannings little sister in it. she did a great job i thought.
so a great day overall i'd say. yesterday i did the dog park thing and stuff around the house. on an odd note. the neighbor kid came by this afternoon and gave me a single red rose. so does the 15 year old kid have a thing for me or did his mom get flowers from an unwanted suiter and just had him bring it over. i could ponder this for hours,but i'll just enjoy my flower and move on. i guess some cookie dough eating wouldn't hurt either. nite...

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