Saturday, September 26, 2009

more ketchikan and more of the usual...

when i lived in ketchikan i was forever watching the ocean in front of me and snapping off photo's. i loved the above one as it was this dreary, rainy day, but the sun came out and was highlighting this one white boat. there was always boat traffic and plane traffic. i used to love the foggy days when all the boats would blow the fog horns. just something mystical about that sound as it rumbled through the clouds.
a few bald eagles fight for salmon scraps. below is a nudibranch. guess there is a purple sea star there with it. ketchikan was some awesome tidepooling. used to love getting off work and combing the beaches and looking in all the puddles. the table in my living room is sunken in and it has many shells from my days in ketchikan. there are also shells from california and many other remote alaskan beaches as well.

above is one of the docks in ketchikan, below just a few orca's passing through.
my friend sandra joined me for a walk on wednesday. i think she actually gets a kick out of blossom. it was kinda rainy and lazy...good sleeping days for me. today i did manage to get the dogs out to the dog park. it was rainy this morning, but cleared as i walked the dog park and this afternoon it was beautiful. got a few things done in the yard...gotta get ready for the winter. tried to change the lightbulbs in the kitchen but there still isn't anything but flickering light. seems like it should be easy...change the light bulb, right...what did i miss? not sure.
got my flu shot last night and i always seem a bit punky after i get that for a day or so.

is it red sky at night, sailors delight, red sky in morning, sailors warning? i can't remember. ketchikan was a wonderful place with amazing sunsets/sunrises. also there were many rainbows. just a beautiful place. i worked the past 3 nights so seemed a good day to toss in more southeast alaska pictures.

they put me on peds for 2 nights. the first night i went to get a movie for a kid and when i opened the cupboard of movies, a clock slid off the wall. apparently, as it fell it hit the code button. at first i just heard the clock crashing onto the floor, then i heard the overhead code page and people running at me. oops!! of course, that flew through the was betsy. how embarrassing and funny too though.

overall, work was totally kick back. worked with an anorexic. 12 years old and only like 68 pounds...then when i worked overtime in acc i was given an 18 year old who weighed over 400 pounds.

weight is a strange thing. those kids with anorexia can get totally manipulative. the worst i saw was a 17 year old weighing in at just over 50 pounds. her heart rate was in the 20's when she slept. i would guess she is possibly dead now though. the 18 year old had medical stuff that one would normally associate with someone in thier 60's. it's so sad that weight issues can start in the mind and destroy the body.

below are some orcas that i took pictures of out in front of my house in ketchikan. i used to love all the wildlife at my front door. we used to call north or south to let each other know there were whales coming. such a small town i remember noticing when alaska air added an extra flight. you just get used to the rhythm of the town.

this is my home now though...anchorage. for now anyway. i may move to kodiak one day or back to southeast alaska. we'll see. i do enjoy the smaller town in alaska, but i also enjoy the perks of city life...and those moose. i love my moose. perhaps, next summer i should make the trip to southeast alaska for the group. it's been way too long since i headed that way.
below is rio today at university lake dog park. you can see how much snow has fallen on the mountains in the can also see how busy the beavers have been. the bench shouldn't be under water. they tend to dam up the creek going out of the lake and it backs up.
so this week was pretty uneventful. cool by me. i was lucky and though i worked overtime last night i was able to leave before the 12 hour shift was over. i was home by 2 am and got to sleep. sleep is great. to toss a movie in and crash for the night.

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