Thursday, September 3, 2009

moose in the bog....

mamma moose in the bog...

and a picture of blossom.

i'm on call so i thought i'd try and put in my moose pictures from today. i take both dogs for a walk in baxter bog right by my house in the mornings. moose are not uncommon out there....and apparently an occasional bear. no bear today, but as i walked i ran across this mom moose getting a sip of water from the pond/marsh. after taking some pictures a baby came out of the brush to join her. she got a bit more anxious at that point. you can see her ears are sitting back...a sign of moose annoyance. both dogs were very good and just sat quietly by me while i took pictures,but still...enough to make her nervous.

hopefully, the phone doesn't ring right off...or at all. for now i'll watch "bones". a favorite. last night i watched my netflix movie, "boys on the side" with drew barrymore and whopi. it was a chick flick, for sure, but surprisingly enjoyable. i love movies where people just follow the path that gets laid out for them and find the happiness that comes. too often we strive to follow the herd and think that this path will lead to happiness when actually sometimes the greatest happiness is granted to those who follow thier hearts, who take the path less taken as it were. families are created where love erupts often and expectations are best left alongside the road.
see, this worked for me today..i was offered an on call on a sunny day and i happiliy took it.

yesterday i met up with my friend, sharon and her crazy dog, cooper. we did the big loop at n. bivouac. it was a nice rain, though it was threatening. poor rio has to skip the bigger walks. different joints seem to ache her on different days, but she seems to do okay with just the shorter walk. blossom was a bit annoyed by cooper in the car ride to the trailhead, he's still puppyish and won't give her's the first time i've ever heard blossom growl and snap. rio wouldn't have enjoyed the puppy love very much. today it was just blossom and i on the tank trail. i came home so i could get the lawn mowed. it won't have to be mowed for much longer, but for now it still grows at a rapid rate.

got back to the pool the other day. only 20 laps though. it was busy and i had to share a lane with 2 others. they were much quicker than me so i felt rushed and decided to just stop for the day. oh well....not much else to say for the day.

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