Wednesday, September 30, 2009

the lion king...and of course...walking...

just returned from "the lion king". it was playing in anchorage at the atwood concert hall. the theater was beautiful and the production was amazing. the costumes and puppetry were awe inspiring. in the opening act when all the animals come down the aisle through the audience i know i held my breath and when i watched the elephant come down i was near tears. i could have watched that opening scene over and over again.
i'm listening to the soundtrack from the original broadway show. the only bummer about it is that the woman who played rafiki in tonights production was so much the superior of the one on the cd. i had chills each time she sang. she is originally from africa so i'm sure that gave her the added punch.

it was amazing how they utilized the entire stage and theater at various times. i even enjoyed watching the guys on the drums that were placed above the audience. i'm not one who goes to the theater much, but this one was wonderful and i'm very happy that i went. perhaps i'll have to plan on more theater in the future.

could it be a sign i'm maturing...haha. the show was also charming and funny and just plain a fun festival for all the senses. one i'm sure i'll enjoy over and over through the cd.
i went with a few co-workers from work, katie and karen. we went to dinner first at humpies. it's a local favorite near the theater. worked out well. i ordered the clam appetizer. i rarely eat clams and it just sounded so good. they were quite tasty. i just wish i could have eaten them all. i also got a little side cesars salad. the atmosphere isn't awesome there, but the food is. it was funny, these two guys kept looking at us and i figured they were checking me turns out that they were just hoping to snag our table once we left. so maybe i'm not turning as many heads as i used did make me laugh though. i don't think i look half bad for a 45 year old chick, but i guess it was a bit much to think those 20 somethings were checking me out. but wait...i did get a flower from the 15 year old next door yesterday. giggle.

it is odd i guess that i grew up in los angeles and rarely went to things such as this there. i think in such a large city with so many options, other stuff just won out. when i lived in ketchikan i tended to go to anything that even resembled the possibility of culture. anchorage is a larger community and we do have many more choices than i did in ketchikan though no doubt far fewer than los angeles.

some of those actors must be sore after the end of a night. several of the animals were bent over. the giraffes were on stilts on all fours. they looked super cool though. the hyena's were also bend over much of the time. they were hysterical as were pumbaa and timon...and of course zazu. well, the computer just changed my print type so it must be time for me to stop writing. haha. it's still attempting to load the few pictures i put in...walks today were pleasant, but uneventful. rio, blossom and i walked the bog and then after a short nap i took blossom to campbell airstrip and did a loop. no wild animals aside from birds, which this time of year is okay with me. the bears are trying to fill up so getting irritable and the moose are getting ready for rut so also irritable. who needs that...right? hakuna matada!!!


  1. Must have been amazing to watch the Lion King! I acomplished one of my goals while living in LA, to work for Julie Taymor, the amazing costume designer of the show!

    It sure was a dream come true! Wow, so you never frequented the LA Opera?

    Lovely blog! Nice to meet you!

  2. thanks for coming to the blog. the lion king was wonderful and those costumes were spectacular...that is cool that you met the costume designer. i've never been to the opera. i may start enjoying more theater..perhaps i am starting to mature.