Monday, September 14, 2009

more denali highway today i can see denali mountain from anchorage. they say here that if you don't like the weather wait, it will change. would be nice to be up denali road today taking pictures...oh well. cest la vive i guess. i'm convincing myself that a bright sunny day makes for flat light.
not sure why the one picture loaded in sideways and i'm powerless to fix it once it's loaded. the colours were spectacular and i fear none of the pictures really do justice to fall on the tundra. it does work as a reminder for me though.

didn't see many animals out on the road. saw lots of swans a few baldies and yes, another porcupine. i suppose the fact that there was a man camp event going on everywhere explains the absence of wildlife. if i was an animal i'd book it when men, guns and 4 wheelers were about. they have lots of room to run.
today i walked in the bog with both dogs and then took blossom to kincaid, little campbell lake. it was moose central there. i saw 4 out there. seemed everytime i turned around i ran into one. they will be getting a bit wiggy soon as the rut starts, but mostly they were fairly calm today. the dude i see at the lake fishing with his dog all the time surmises that it's all related to the moon. you just have to watch the tide book and when the fish are leaping so are all the other animals.

here is the sideways picture...sorry.
i still love the old milepost signs. several are missing.
token wildlife...bald eagle on a beaver hut.
blossom stands in the wind and enjoys the view from maclearan summit. i probably spelled that wrong. i'm still in mourning over the sweet weather today. on the bright hip feels fine, my back feels fine. i fear it's all the element. i love my element, but have to admit that it kills me to drive long distances with it. not sure how to fix that yet. will have to ponder. i think the cushions help and silly me decided to use a big throw pillow instead of the car seat cushions and then never switched it back when my hip started hurting. instead i did the typical nurse thing and thought of every horrible thing it could be...

it's time for bed...i'll dream of sunnier days on the denali highway another is pretty ironic that i was 27 miles from denali national park yesterday with no mountain in sight and saw it today from almost 5 hour drive south.

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