Monday, October 12, 2009

"the art of driving in the rain"....

tossed in a few pictures from round island. still my favorite trip...just so remote and cool. above are cormorants. below puffins, horned.

and of course, walrus. they're in the news frequently. thier numbers are down on round island and recently due to lack of ice floes up north walruses and thier young have congregated on beaches. up to 200 calves and yearlings were trampled when the walrus were frightened by an unknown source and ran over the young. walrus are difficult to study and get accurate counts on as their territory is vast.

i love when i book just takes you over and you want to read and read and read...the only sad thing is that the book always ends. "the art of driving in the rain" by garth stein is one of those books. i was taken hostage by the writing and story and was unable to put it down til i'd read every page. my friend, kelly, had been taken in by the book before me and handed to me the other day after we'd walked together. even though i'm reading another book already i picked it up.

the book is written from the vantage point of the dog, enzo. his person is a race car driver...or trying to be. the drivers life takes some rough turns and enzo is always there to aid as he can despite his lack of thumbs and a tongue that is too long to allow speech. the book brings you to tears, anger and laughter. kelly laughed as the dog discusses the various tv shows that are left on for him when the owner is away. i do that with rio and my friends laugh and ask me what show i left on for her.

anyway...few books really take you in like this one did me and so i cherish those books and recommend it highly to all who want to fall into a novel.

today was a beautiful day. i didn't take any pictures..i do tend to take more when i am alone. i did walk the two dogs in the bog this morning and then met up with another girl from work for the monday walk. she is a rather difficult personality for all. i felt i needed to invite all though, so it was a bit of a torturous day. this person is a bit pushy and is always attempting to instill herself into your life by creating plans. i managed to get away without agreeing to any of the plans. i think i just walked fast so didn't seek out photography ops. her heart is good so i try to keep that in mind,but there are just some people that once you open the door, you can never close it and it's best to keep the chain on it to prevent it from flying open. how is that for metaphor.

later, as the weather was so lovely, i did some yard work. empty out the flower containers, rake more leaves, pick up the dog poop, throw the toy for blossom. the chores of life...

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