Saturday, October 24, 2009

blah, blah, and walks and whatever...

so this is a pretty old picture from ketchikan friend janet's daughter haley, is probably almost a teen now. i loved this picture though. she was just a cute kid and looked so alaskan!! these pictures are all from days in ketchikan. below is huey ,duke and a dog i was pet sitting on the boardwalk. it's funny that dogs get thier chums just like we do. the boardwalks get slippery at times in the winter.
today i was with the pups and thier dog buddies at the dog park. they seem to always have a great time there. there were loads of people and dogs there today. weekend crowds. lots of folks i know as well. of course, one was that annoying co-worker. she is just so loud. i ran into her and she glomed on. some days, when you are tired, it's just harder to be nice than others. i mean she means well and can be a nice person...but why does she have to be so annoying. she calls you honey and baby and's just weird. i'm not a good enough writer to give one the sense of her annoying personality. the dogs do love her because of her loud squealy voice and exaggerated expressions. i'm not her dogs auntie and she is not my dogs auntie....anyway...other than that, a great day at the park. went to the dog park yesterday too. it was a friday so a bit less activity. the weather has been cool and crisp...winter is coming. there is more snow again on the mountain tops and the ground is starting to freeze up.
no totems in the anchroage area. the native art varies with different parts of the state. in southeast there are totems and these beautiful meeting houses. they are great crafters of wood in southeast.

i love skies and southeast had some beautiful days. just a peaceful picture in my mind..flat calm waters. would be great to drop a kayak in that water and glide.
spent the week battling knots and headaches. very annoying. would have been great to escape on a kayak in calm seas. work was okay these last two nights and i was able to manage with heat and excedrin. we had a 6 hour class session on wednesday which i was about to puke in. the doc upstairs put lido in the most offending knot. it did take the edge off, but the knot didn't go away. they have finally calmed down at this point. often it's a matter of drinking plenty of water, eating right and getting rest. shocking...stuff i should be doing anyway. kept busy, but not insane at work. another sick kid. probably h1n1 and pnumonia. he was brought into me in him shifted to picu though. he was pretty ill. i continue to have pleasant patients and families so i can't complain. nursing isn't easy some days, but i do like that i can make a little difference in people's lives. make a horrible situation for them a bit less stressful.

finally watched the movie,"the secret life of bees". i had read the book, but hadn't seen the flick. i quite enjoyed it. dakota fanning is quite the actress. lots of the hollywood sort are just character actors. they look good, but mostly, they just play a role that is probably not much different than thier real selves i suspect. it was said that they get dogs and kids to act so it's not really that difficult. that doesn't mean though that aren't truely gifted actors/actresses. it seems too that the truely good actors are the ones with less ego. they seem to do thier art and then attempt to mesh back in to thier own lives. an example that always come to mind is johnny depp or sally field pacino...dustin hoffman i'd guess. my brain is a bit blank.

life with dogs can be less than joyful. the boy is coming back over again and letting the dogs out. so whatever stopped him seems to be passing over a bit. despite this blossom did get into the most disgusting bog water. she drinks from the grossest water holes i guess she is bound to get a bout of diarrhea from time to time. when i came home yesterday morning the odor hit me. i found piles of loose poop upstairs in the spare rooms. of course there were only 2 squares of paper towels left over and no spare rolls under the sink. such a pleasant task after a 12 hour shift. of course, i don't truely know which dog is responsible. blossom acted totally innocent and happy to see me, but i noticed some poop remnants on her tail fur. rio seemed totally worried. one wonders if in a previous home she got the crap beat out of her for accidents in the house. she didn't come greet me and instead sat on the stair landing looking terrified. despite the disgustingness of my morning task...i couldn't help but pity poor rio in her terrified state. they always say don't punish dogs after the fact as they don't remember. obviously, rio knew there was poop in the house and that this was an offense that could get a dog in trouble. i think these 4 legged critters are much smarter than we give credit for.

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