Sunday, October 25, 2009

i'm officially an addict....

just slipped in another picture from maria's facebook of sandra and i on the tustemena heading out to dutch harbor. thought it was kinda cute!!
yes...i'm an addict. i just polished off 3 slices from my freshly made pumpkin bread. i also just noticed that my right arm is all bruised up as is my hand from scraping those pumpkins today. i think it was the small one as it was tough to gut it from the small hole in the bottom of the pumpkin...what one does for art and pumpkin guts. i think the bruising is absolute proof of my addiction. it looks like i've been beaten. eek!!
sharon called bright and early( 10 am for me) to see if i wanted to meet up for a dog walk. after some discussion we decided to meet in eagle river near where joy lives and where the pumpkin carving festivities were occuring later in the afternoon. the river you see is actually eagle river. i guess they had camera's up in this campground this summer and saw that it is quite a popular place for bears in the summer. we saw no signs today so i suspect the bears are moving on. it does have that lovely blue glacier fed colour. the silt just makes for the most beautiful blues you'll ever see. it can gum up your water filter a bit though. you can kinda see the colouring in the below picture of blossom. she never misses a chance to get in the water.

the dogs had a tennis ball. not sure what happened to it. sharon is looking with the dogs at the place the tennis ball was last seen. no amber alerts went out...we gave yet another tennis ball to the river. there must be thousands of tennis balls in the oceans and lakes. we suspect that cooper, the malamute, accidently buried it in the river's a goner!!

and as you can see from the picture below cooper was almost a goner. silly dog went rushing this moose that we ran into on the trail. i took a few pictures as i walked past the situation and then began running with sharon and screaming happily and loudly like complete idiots in order to encourage cooper that we were more interesting than the moose. it worked. there were a few tense moments with the moose turning on cooper abruptly and tossing a few forward kicks his way. sharon now knows how cooper will react when he runs across a moose. it wasn't surprising, but a little disturbing to say the least. lucky for me, blossom doesn't seem to have such fantasies when i comes to moose and she came to my side and was easily walked past the thing. if she sees them from the house or car and hears them in the easement behind the house...she barks like mad. one gets much braver when there is no chance of a moose being able to actually respond to your brave out bursts.
so luckily for us all, cooper survived his brush with a traumatic brain injury and we carried on with our walk without incident.

some girls from peds got together to work on the big providence pumpkin contest. much more involved obviously than a simple carving. i went to help out...really, i just wanted the pumpkin guts to make my bread. it was fun. the theme seems to revolve around scooby doo? they are making the hospital and making the pumpkin into a rescue helicopter with scooby saving the day. above are some figurines they were working on for the grounds around the hospital or the heli pad. below is as far as it got before i left...they may still be there working on it. i was cutting and helping them fit the revolving helicopter blades was quite a task. will be interesting to see the final project. i do recall being quite impressed at last years...the other departments came up with cool scenes as well. some people are so imaginative.

below is amy...really we just call her speedy reedy as she is quite the lightning bolt at work. she runs around and gets the work of three people done in a flash and has that big smile on all the time. she is just great to be around and like me had no real skills, but helped out where she could by painting the hospital and cutting out the windows and such.
amy also prepped the pumpkin seeds. they look a bit too cooked for me, but i'm for guts and not so much the seeds. they look pretty though.

i'm watching "the constant gardner". it's a really good movie. too sad to watch very often, but it got mentioned at work the other day and i hadn't watched it for a often i think how i'd love to visit the wildlife of africa. it does seem such an unruly and wild place though. some places are safer to visit in other ways...but still it looms out there and calls me. perhaps, one day. i'm sure the africa a tourist would visit would be protected from the horror that is visited in the scenes of "the constant gardner". so many great movies out there...i've got to add a bunch more to my netflix list.

melissa and sharon worked for a few hours getting those helicopter blades to fit on the pumpkin. we carved 2 a tester, one was the real deal. they still had two more pumpkins there for the carving just in case. poor blossom was out in the car though and rio was at home watching tlc. joy, the girls who hosted the pumpkin event, has a fenced yard and a lab, but the lab is unaltered and pretty spastic. sharons dog is still puppiesh and spastic as well. i think blossom was tired from the walk and wasn't too happy with the chase and growl scene. poor girl. i didn't want to leave her out there in misery so she was stuck in the car. it's pretty comfy for a pup. a big soft bed and it was only in the 40's today. blossom loves the cold weather. they think snow is coming. so far we are way behind schedule. not that i'm complaining. we will get plenty of snow no doubt. the geese are still chilling in town. they are all collected together for thier journey south, but continue to feed in town. i saw several hundred of them in mid town the other day.

guess i should head to bed soon. blossom lucked out. the pumpkin carving took longer than expected so my plans to take blossom to the dog wash in eagle river got passed over. blossom loves the water, but not when it comes in conjunction with soap. of course, monday walk is tomorrow and she would have been just as dirty as she is a bath in this house seems like such a waste of funds. good night...

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