Tuesday, October 27, 2009

monday walks and random talks....

a bit rainy for this weeks monday walk. i'm sure a few kept away because of that, but my friends kelly, tanya and sandra showed up without hesitation. we are on snow watch. it's coming fast down the mountains around me and will soon be a part of my world for the next 5-6 months. once winter hits in alaska it never goes away. the ground isn't frozen yet, but soon. the temps are supposed to be in the 20's-30's this next week.

i really thought it would snow here at my place today...it's blossoms 4th birthday and she loves snow so i was hoping. no snow did allow me to do another poop clean up in the yard and fill another 2 big bags with leaves.

after the monday walk we all headed to the coffee shop near the trailheads....it's becoming the thing now. walk and then hot cocoa. this week i brought a loaf of my pumpkin bread. they all really liked it. the stuff is really great. i ate 2 slices this morning with my eggs and o.j. .
rio made it to her bog walk today and yesterday. can't hurry her along on her walks. she is definitely a stroller. it's been good for her to just do the one walk and then stay at home. it's still a bit hard for me to leave her but i think we are both adjusting.
i borrowed some pictures from joy from sundays pumpkin thing. i wanted to show you how cool thier pumpkin project turned out. i'm always amazed at how imaginative people can be.

above is me...i was waiting to see if they needed me to carve anymore out of the pumpkin before washing my hands and due to my years of medicine i was automatically keeping my hands "sterile". if you are dealing with a sterile field you keep your hands like this in between tasks to maintain sterility. as they laughed at me and went to the take the picture i looked up heavenly....so it looks more like i'm praying.
i suspect my family would be shocked. i think they assume i'm a total reprobate since i left the fold. i actually do pray and have my own spirituality. there are many ways to believe and many ways to act on those beliefs. i don't, however, pray over pumpkin very often. hehe.

above is the finished set up. scooby do to the rescue. below is the pumpkin helicopter which i think came out cute. i guess someone at work had scrubs with scooby in a helicopter...they made her strip and took copies of the pictures on the material and used that as inspiration. i think it all turned out rather cool.

i have been dealing with the guilt of late...have had laziness and haven't been to the gym for a few weeks. i want to go to the gym, i love the gym, i love to work out..it's just getting there. why is it so hard to make that drive to the gym. it's all great once you get there....it's just that drive over. my bag sits by the front door begging to be taken...i kick myself for each day i don't go and the waste of money and the waste of valuable time i could be using. grr....

turned the tv off, but first i found myself watching this program about random people who use this one hairdresser in new york and how thier lives have been impacted by the recession and how thier lives have impacted the hairdresser. it was rather depressing. i think alaska has been a bit safe from the fall out that has come to other parts of the states...also as a nurse, i've been less impacted as well. it's so sad to glimpse the reality so many others are trying to deal with. was sad how many people in thier 40's to 50's had lost jobs and how so many companies don't want to hire these "older" workers. one out of work guy mentioned the plane that landed in the hudson and that the pilot was in his 50's and probably wouldn't be hired by that same company if he was a random pilot looking for a job and yet it was his age, maturity and experience that probably saved the lives of everyone on that plane. he certainly didn't miss his destination airport because he was so busy on his laptop. is this what we have to look forward to as far as work ethics is concerned...the next generation will be too busy texting thier friends to actually do thier work. i see it all the time already at the nurses station. the younger ones are busy with all thier technology that the job isn't thier greatest priority.
oh well...guess i'll drop off for the night. maybe watch whatever i ordered from net flix last.


  1. I love the sterile hands/praying thing. Just got to say--it took me a long time to get back to being in a family of believers and most of it was b/c I felt a place inside where maybe worship belonged--and nothing I did could fill that, so I found places and then a place where maybe it's a little old fashioned sometimes feels like a mass but wow, I can't believe I'm saying this, but I'm not the same person and I'd never have grown like this without the community sneaking in somehow and pushing me cuz I'm a pretty bad introvert...

  2. Cold weather, hot cocoa, and pumpkin bread. You have no idea how jealous I am of that combo.

  3. shannon...i'll head out and enjoy this cool air for you. more hot cocoa today after our walk i'm sure, but no bread left. i'll have to buy more pumpkin and bake again.
    angela...i'm a bit of an introvert as well. the monday walks get me socialized a bit. perhaps one day i'll join up with a group, but the last time i attended a church service was in ketchikan and i recall that i had some sort of panic/anxiety attack and bolted as soon as the service was over...i ran to the woods and there i found my peace. i just felt closer to god out there in what he created.