Saturday, October 10, 2009

pumpkin carving...

you never know where trolls will turn up. everyone has fun carving the pumpkins...well jennifer did the mom thing and dealt with the bits and clean up. don't feel too badly for her...she had a nice glass of wine or two. she seemed quite happy.
claires witch turned out cool. there is a design on the other side so i think that distorts a bit. she did a fine job cleaning out that pumpkin can almost see through i guess i don't know how to delete picture..i only can accidently delete it. dang....

love pumpkins all lit up. thought they turned out cool. i love the kits as people like me with no talent in pumpkin carving can make a cool looking pumpkin. mine is the bat, valerie did the spider and the self designed pumpkin on the left is by claires friend. i'm still impressed that people can free hand it. would hate to take that away from kids, but it was fun to watch little claire try an easy pattern and then with confidence make the difficult witch. it turned out great.
yes...i'm a bit goofy at times. i think i ended up with a bit of pumpkin guts in my hair. we also discovered that jennifers dog, bert, loves pumpkin. she put some in the food he'd never finished earlier...he got hungry with the pumpkin in there.

sandra and claire struggle with the pumpkin clean out duty. the goal was to save the pumpkin bits for pumpkin soup. you gotta save the seeds for baking, then toss the stringy bits and then scrape and scrape for good pumpkin. i think some of the pumpkins look pretty can see the light coming through the sides above. jennifer and sandra have both already made thier soup. i needed to wash a few pots before attempting it so i just ate something else tonight. i may look at other pumpkin soup recipes and see if something sounds better. her recipe has onions and curry and i'm not sure i'm ready for those ingredients in the soup.

i brought a halloween troll that i'd seen in the halloween section when i picked up the pumpkin decorating kits. the dude makes scarey noises when you squeeze his belly and his eyes light up. here is my friend in the good soup pumpkin bowl. hehehe...

claire, val and sandra get busy in with the pumpkins. it was a fun night. i am working over halloween so fun to get a little halloween stuff in. we stayed after decorating and watched one of the original peter sellers pink panther movies. always funny...more funny listening to sandra laugh her butt off at the peter sellers strip scene. he's such an idiot as the inspector you can only laugh.

work was sweet this week. i worked in peds and had nice patients and nice families overall. it was easy work and i couldn't complain at all. i decided to not jinx myself with an overtime shift and ruin the fabulous week of work.

sandra is out of work suddenly. even nurses are feeling it. i guess her company went bankrupt. she is from canada and here on a work visa so even though she has found a job at a spine center she now must take the papers across the border to re-apply for a work visa at the new company. she walked with me a few times this week. on wednesday she, tiffany, kelly and i did a loop at campbell airstrip. turned out to be a pleasant day despite rain earlier. today we got lucky again. sandra and i did spencer loop. i don't think she liked it...well, i know she didn't. it's pretty hilly. i actually love spencer loop. it's maybe 5 miles. we saw one moose and got lucky with the weather again. the wind has been blowing off and on. there are no longer leaves on the trees. hopefully, i'll be able to rake,but it's pretty wet out there. would rather rake drier leaves.

i met up with kelly again this week too. so it's been a good week o walking. kelly met me at campbell after i woke friday. blossom always insists on me getting out her chuck it and then mandee ends up with the ball. so it's saturday night and i'm chilling at home. up late last night with the carving and movie. fun though.

i watched, "two weeks" the other day. it was pretty good. about family and the last two weeks of thier mothers life and the waiting and all that. always interesting to see thier take. mostly, i think they got this one right. not a show stopper..we'll see how tonights net flix goes. it's called "smile". i guess it's about a privledged girl who visits china and meets a little girl with a facial deformity. we'll see. it sounds good. kelly loaned me a book so i started into that. should be good. i was already enjoying the first few chapters...the book is called, "the act of pacing in the rain". written from a dogs perspective. she said it was great.

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