Tuesday, October 6, 2009

moose gone mad....

i figured out that some of my pics i was trying to load were loads of mb's...so i suspect that was slowing the process of loading. these ones had less...i have no idea how one picture will have 8 mb and another just 2?? is it how you take it, what is in the photo?? no clue. anyway...these ones have loaded so i'll go with that and smile. these were all taken from the walk of spencer loop i took with my friend kelly. at one point of the hike you are at a local ski place..called hilltop. i think mostly snowboarders use this place, but as you can see there is also a ski jump here. there are two i think. i should see if i can figure out when people are doing jumps. i could never do it, but it would be fun to watch other crazy people do the jumps.

above is my fair city with sleeping lady in the background. below is snow on the mountains behind the city...i think this is wolverine peak.

more anchorage...such a pretty day.

so the place is a bit crazy with moose tonight. this moose was the one i saw as i headed back to my house on todays walk. it was crossing the street. tonight blossom keeps barking. first i went out and saw 2 baby moose in the trail easement behind the house. i figured it's the rut and they had been forced from mom by a male moose. a few minutes later blossom started barking again...i went and looked and there was a male moose out there huffing and sniffing. it's already dark so i couldn't get pictures of any of this evenings moose. the trail easement behind the house is a bit of a moose route through town. anchorage is moose friendly. let the rut begin i guess.

thought the picture of the moose by the "children at play" sign was kinda cool...i had to warn the kids getting off the bus from school as the bus stopped right after the moose crossed the street.

the clouds came through and i got sleepy...so i took a nap. i took care of several influenza positive patients this week...always get worried i'll get the bug. lots of that h1n1 going around. they usually don't test for it, just for influenza in general and then if that is positive...it's just assumed mostly that it could be h1n1. so far i've stayed healthy, but it seems like it's just a matter of time. anytime i get feeling tired or achy i think flu...it could just be that i worked 4 nights with minimal sleep and woke yesterday after only 3 hours sleep.

my neice took pictures of some friends with thier 4 cats. i haven't put any pictures of my cats in here for quite some time so i decided to try a few shots. besides, i had to check out the camera. the other day when i came home from work the lens cap was in the middle of the entry hall, the lens had been dropped in the living room after being taken out of my trail bag. i suspect rio, but luckily, the lens seems to be working just fine and i took these pictures of the cats. the orange one is "sapogi", he's the "kitten" and he's got extra toes. the next picture is of "mufasa". he's tiny, but still alive and hanging in there.

was thinking of the affairs of state. seems some are afraid we're becoming a socialist state. i guess for me i would prefer this over the handmaidens tale scenario...i mean if life as we know it is changing...i'd take socialism over the religious right taking over and making us some sort of crazy taliban state. i loved the book, "handmaids tale" but it is a frightening tale in some ways....that the takeover was insidious...it didn't take guns to take over the lives of the people in the book...hopefully,life doesn't change that much and people are just being paranoid as usual. i really don't see capitalism going away anytime soon.

my brain also thought of changing movie titles to alaskan themes...such as "last of the no-see-ums" instead of "last of the mohicans". and today i had a lovely dream about a patient with no arms legs and really no trunk. she just had a neck and upper torso. not sure how that was possible, but she seemed to be taking her new life very well and had an impressive body stump to work with. it is often said that i have very odd things running through the depths of my brain. the other day i work i came up with the idea of making a foley and ng team. we have a iv team that goes around starting iv's....just thought we could do this as well. so...i would agree that my brain can be very random and bizarre...but it does keep me and those around me entertained!!
now should i go to fred meyers or bed....you know i'm leaning to a nice bath and bed.


  1. Ooooh, LOVE the cat photos, especially the first one! Cute!

  2. sapogi is quite handsome...and he moves much slower than mufasa so he's easier to get pictures of...you see i attempted no cat pictures with myself in them. hehe.

  3. Sapogi's eyes look awesome in that photo... they match the background. Where did that name come from? I'm sure you've mentioned it before but I can't remember.

  4. sapogi is boots in russian. my cat that has now passed was named kotenouk,which is russian for kitten. i was taking russian at the time.