Wednesday, October 14, 2009

our school systems....

just a few pictures from the past few days...! above is in the bog at sunset. mushrooms in the yard.
here is my pumpkin bread.

why are kids not successful in school in america? i think social has surpassed education in this country. we need to get back to school being taken seriously. i think it would be helpful if we made school a job for these kids...uniforms and more of a structure. i know we are big on individualism in our nation but i think you can do both. you see kids in other nations who seem to see the value in education and give it the respect it deserves. i watch shows of impoverished nations and the kids that get the gift of going to school, are excited about every day of education they get, they dress in thier finest and you can see the pride in thier eyes.

i know i didn't have this zest for education that these kids have and i have fallen short considering the opportunities that we have in this country.i remember school was mostly goofing off and some education...we need to get back to basics. i think the opportunity for individualism should be offered in the form of art, theater,sports and music..

not that i going around hating myself for my lack of success as it were. we are a nation of underachievers. i still could take someone said many years ago during a finals week.."you have til you die to graduate". i guess til you die or get dementia would be more accurate.

i would have preferred to be a veterinarian over being a nurse, but i can't complain really. so far nursing has allowed me to live a good life. am i passionate...not really, not like i was when i worked with animals. i feel good knowing that i really help people in small ways every time i work. in my mind it's more important to deal with the life you are given rather than mourn the life you wanted.

it was a lazy rainy day today. got some reading done, walked the dogs around the bog, but mostly i chilled, did stuff around the house...i got the packages ready for mailing and the tires are loaded in the car for the semi-annual changeover. i've got some package coming from fed ex...i suspect they stopped by when i was in the bog. i hate waiting for stuff/people. it's so annoying. i wish they would have at least left a card saying they'd been by again. it sort of held me up. more likely i used it as an excuse along with the rain to hole up. i did get out for a good walk with sandra yesterday. we went to rovers run which is finally open again. they closed it for the summer because we had so many attacks there the year before. we saw no signs of bears on our scat and no tracks. i did see a coyote i think. it took off. the trail was muddy...surprise but fun to walk the forbidden trail.

i attempted to make more bread, which came out well and also some cheesecake which didn't turn out so well..oh well. i gave my neighbors each a loaf. always good to stay in with the neighbors. no way i could eat all that bread anyway.

just made homemade turkey noodle soup, blossom is more interested in the squeaky tennis ball than in the soup...that is dedication.

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