Wednesday, March 24, 2010

aialik bay...kayaking...

since it's break up and mostly i'll just get pictures of moose i thought i'd toss in some pictures from a kayak trip to aialik bay a few years back with friends. it was a pretty big group and we had a grand time. the weather was pretty decent, we stayed in a cabin, took a water taxi out from seward...
me at lunch in the glacier.

great to sleep with the rumble on glacier activity around you. we ate lunch at the base of the glacier. probably receeded lots more by now.

the monday walks are winding down. only lena and i this week. it snowed lightly...a spring snow, nothing stuck. every day more snow melts...still loads to go. i was pretty lazy yesterday, skipped my swim and vegged out watching some bones episodes. did finish reading the book i was on, "the book thief". strange, but well written and kept me turning the pages. written from deaths perspective i guess.

speaking of death...the great news is the iditarod had no dog deaths this year. that is a rare...maybe never occuring thing. so hopefully, it becomes a trend and deaths become more and more rare. the last musher made it in sunday or saturday. anyway, it was record time for the red lantern. the red lantern award went to celeste davis...i think she is the one who also had a broken nose and two black eyes. rough trail, but she managed. must be one tough chick.
below is me,chilling for the camera. i still wear those pants though i believe they fit a wee bit tighter now. looking at that picture is somewhat depressing. i want my pre-forty body back. boo hoo.
most of us stayed in tents around the cabin...the cabin can sleep like 10, which is what we had, but we all chose to stay in tents. all except clint. he was our cook and he slept in the cabin. i've never eaten as good on a camp out as i did on that trip.

small ice berg. they are much larger under the water than they appear above the surface.

i always love getting pictures of scenery mixed with pretty coloured kayaks. i'm predicable that way.
today i met up with tanya and we did a loop at prospect heights. another pretty day. i think she's right and we've seen denali more days this year than usual. always great to see the big mountain. i find that it tends to disappear when i am in denali national park, but i can readily see it from anchorage. so skip the drive. i think the dogs had fun. i had to book to my annual gyn appointment.
in the end i really didn't need to rush. he was really far behind seeing patients. as i waited i put the exam table into a flat position and fell asleep. i think i got nearly a 1 hour nap in. the nurse checked on me a few times, but i was happy and sleeping. i appreciated the nap and they appreciated my patience. isn't it nice when everyone is nice?
since it's aialik bay, i'm guessing that is aialik glacier...i could be wrong though.

i jsut love the intertidal zones. that would have been one of my dream jobs, that veterinarian or photographer. anyway. i loved the colours of all the seaweed and stars. such sights to see when you are in a kayak and can venture so close to everything
lets see...bob, quinton,christine,tanya, sue, arden, stephanie,scott, clint, me. i think it's a group shot at lunch. i think this was right before bob and tanya flipped thier kayak. tanya is 7-8 months preggers on this trek. so the baby was babtized before she was born.
kayak flipping potential is one of the reasons i thought i should get in the pool...that and the weight gain. today i did make it to the pool and i did the 35 laps so one mile.
my buddy quinton and i shared a kayak and tent. he's a good buddy, but he moved to wyoming awhile back. poor me. he's supposed to come visit in april though so hopefully we can hang out,maybe go for a hike. will be strange to not have his dogs here though.

another picture of me and another shot of scenery. i'll maybe post more older pictures from fun trips through this dreaded break up season. off to watch, "flightplan" and get some more rest.

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