Monday, March 15, 2010

iditarod 2010, sixth installment...

the race is almost won. lance mackey has taken a significant lead. all must stopover at white mountain for required 8 hour, but he got there first so he should have no issue making the last 77 miles to nome. loved the the dog above's tongue reached to his eye. those pups have got some jumbo sized tongues. below is a musher from scotland...he made his attempt to catch the beer...
but it was a miss.
he is still in....the anchorage musher, churchin is out. took him 22 hours to get from cripple to ruby. i suspect he was encouraged to scratch, having gotten too far behind the rest.
so 14 have scratched so far. the mushers will continue on to nome over the next several days, but they are guessing mackey should be there tomorrow between 10am and 3pm.
lena and tanya joined me for the monday walk. sandra came along and did her ski thing and then we all met up at the coffee shop for snacks. it was a beautiful day out there. the sun shines for hours longer than a few months ago and thus the snow is melting fairly quickly when the sun is out. it warms up more through the day as well, though temperatures along the iditarod trail are well below zero, especially at night.

my friend wrote, "it's a circle" on my facebook page. of course, i keep getting a giggle each time i see it. kids sometimes have a difficult time expressing where their pain is coming from. my patient the other day was under 7 and was suddenly in severe abdominal pain. i asked several times if he needed to pee, which he denied. i went to get some tylenol for him and the nicu nurse who had floated up thought she'd go in there and try to distract him. she asked about his picture that he'd be coloring prior to this severe pain. he screamed at her, "it's a circle" then began screaming again, "hurry". i gave him his tylenol, then i had him just try and get up to pee. he pee'd over 500 ml's and then promptly lay down and fell into a peaceful sleep. kids...!!!
went to the gym again for some pool time. got in 30 laps/60 lengths. always a good thing. the swimming does feel good. i like how peaceful it is in the water. always so silent under there. i had a nice ego bursting moment when an adorable guy i used to lift weights with and chat some with walked towards me. i said hello and dang it if that god didn't remember my name and everything!! hadn't seen him in like 2 years at! of course, i don't recall his name, he was just the god to me. tall, well proportioned, steely blue eyes..awww...!
really should get on that to do list tomorrow....taxes, oil change...we'll see. i did my censes thing...not much to that. guess i thought there would be more questions than number of people and what color they were that lived in the house, but that was pretty much it. good night..

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  1. Those tongues are hilarious!! I also love the beer throwing photos. That's awesome.