Wednesday, March 31, 2010

a day in the life of betsy.....

my neice, shannon, was doing an all day hour to hour photo blog thing. she decribed it more intelligently, but anyway. i attempted to document my goings on hour to hour. i take alot of pictures anyway, but i guess i skip over the day to day stuff...which isn't all that exciting, but kinda more fun when you actually photograph it. so...
sometime around 8 am. above...blossom is generally my wake up call. i'm not sure if it's a stare down but here she is on the bed...waiting. often i do like today, i get up feed the dogs, let them outside and curl back into bed with the paper. i stayed up til 2-3 am watching my net flix movie "zelery" which i ended up really liking. it was a long movie and my plan was to just watch part. this am i also had a headache so i took some meds and back to bed.
sometime around 11am....the sunshine outside woke me and how could i not get out there.

around noon...breakfast is served. french toast with plenty of cinnamon and nutmeg.

1pm...i'm showered dressed and braided. i know my day is pretty dang exciting already!
between 1-2 pm i was out in the bog by my house with blossom and rio. pretty day and 3 moose sightings in the mile and 1/3 loop. they are chilling here waiting for the thaw to stop and stuff to grow.

above is one of the 3 moose...the others were behind even more trees and difficult to photograph without postholing myself.

blossom investigates this glove in the bog. mittens and dog booties are often found hanging like this in trees. helps the owners get them back.
at nearly 3p..i was at costco. we have 2 sets of tires in alaska and my summer tires were done for last summer. costco has a sale so this tire will be ordered and put on probably late april. i'll just have to ride on my studs til then. now i'm hoping for snow so my studs don't get worn down to nubbies.
after costco...between 3 and maybe 4:30 blossom and i headed to prospect heights to enjoy more outdoor time. just too pretty out there not to. rio was settled in at home with her peanut butter and television shows. i'm particular about what i'll let her watch.
blossom enjoys another day of snow and tennis ball chasing. she really does have the life!!

at 4pm i noticed these perfect lynx prints. if those aren't a big cat i don't know what is.
by 4:05 blossom was walking all over said perfect lynx prints.

by 4:30 we left the melting parking lot and headed home.
between 5-6 pm i ate my lunch (tuna fish sandwich), checked the emails, watched a bit of the news and then fed the dogs and cats.

by 5:30 or so the pets were very happy and full!!
by 6p i was pulling into the alaska club for some pool time.
got in my 35 laps (one mile) by 7p ish...spent some time in the jacuzzi and then headed out. i took the trash out for my friend karen who is doing much better....just using a crutch and looking more perky with that improvement.
by 8 pm...home to eat leftover manicotti, chill...and i really won't bore you with the dishes pictures and laundry ones. ( i didn't really take any of those!) anyway...that is my day. now i'm going to put in some brainless movie or read my book and try and get to bed before 3am.

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  1. Ahhh, loved it!! It's fun seeing the places you go every day (the gym) and small parts of your home, things you normally wouldn't post photos of. I love those details. Thanks for doing that with me. I'm so glad you did.

    Those lynx tracks are sooo cool looking. Blossom has no respect for them. Sigh. The first one of Blossom waking you up was too cute, and I love the braid shot, holding the camera over your head. Haha.