Sunday, March 28, 2010

more aialik pics and whatever from the week...

thought i'd toss in a few more aialik pictures to entertain you all with. as we were taxi'd out to the bay we ran into these sea lions sunning themselves so i put a few of those pictures in. i have a few of these framed and on my wall downstairs.
obviously, i didn't take the one above. not sure who to give credit to for this one, but i thought it a cool picture of me setting up a group shot. my camera's have improved ....i think i still have a few of these little guys around, what should i do with them. i found one today with a roll of film still in there. i'll have to just snap off a few and see what's there.

my friend quinton is a rock climber and if you look at the "rock" in this picture you can see him climbing..we were eating lunch, he went off to tackle the mountain.

more sea lions....

and...another picture of me in a glacier.
glacier with sky.
was going to watch saturday night live as betty white was supposed to be on it, but i got sucked into watching "sleepless in seattle". gotta love a romance.

have done rovers run twice this week. today i added on my taking a side trail off of moose meadow trail that leads you out to homestead trail and then brings you back around to viewpoint trail. added a few miles to the walk. it was nearly 50 degrees out and the sky was blue and beautiful. couldn't bring myself to leave the park. the dogs are tired today, but no doubt tomorrow i'll do another long walk if it's pretty out. the trails are still packed down so not too bad out yet. soon we'll be postholing through everything or it will just become slush with deep puddles everywhere. enjoy it all while i can.
these three pictures below are from that side jaunt. not sure why i don't add this on more often and suspect i will from now on. well, next winter anyway. not sure what this trail does in the summer. could be a mosquito den. liked the silhouette of the sun behind the tree above and below branches were totally draped in that moss stuff. kinda cool.

got 33 laps in yesterday and 30 in today. yesterday half the pool was set aside for free swim and as i was doing laps i noticed this family of 5 hovering near the i came back up the pool i saw them all climbing into my lane...probably just figured they'd come in my lap as it seemed less crowded than the rest of the pool. luckily, the life gaurd was watching and she came over and booted them out of the lap and also booted a couple out of the lap next to me as they were just frolicking in it and not doing laps.
today's pool drama was that i have this one gross toenail that every few years thickens up and falls off. so it's just hanging on at this point. i had it wrapped in a bandaide and at about length 34 that dang thing started falling off. i had to keep stopping and scoothing it back down. first i attempted to just take it off and go without, but that residual toenail kept flapping as i swam and it was hurting. at about length 46 that thing just came off altogether in the deep end. i watched as it drifted to the bottom of the pool. i know it's all kinda gross, but better than poop in the pool. i'm not brave enough to dive to the bottom of the pool to retrieve a dang bandaide...i mean if it was a drowning kid or something...then i'd attempt it. so the last nearly 30 lengths were somewhat annoying and uncomfortable. i still made the 60 lengths though for a total 30 laps. life is exciting indeed!!

work wasn't bad for me this week. just worked a few days. should have picked up last night...was at the pool when they called and by the time i saw the message it was getting late. i often don't even look at my messages til i'm headed to bed. just how i am. since most of them are just spam calls or work not too much point rushing to the answering machine. there was some co-worker whinage the other night, which is tedious. i mean really, it's 12 hours, just get over it. people are way too sensitive sometimes.
well, it's late and i'm tired...

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