Sunday, March 14, 2010

iditarod 2010,fifth installment....

just some more iditarod to entertain with. yep...i took loads of pictures. i like the sled for packing much better than a backpack. the race is pretty tight right now. mackey and king are both pretty close. mackey was in front this am, then king , then mackey. i'm still hoping for king just cause....i think he's been great for the sport, is alaskan quirky and takes good care of those dogs.
above is sam deltour...a rather good looking musher from belgium. there were a few mushers who were rather pleasant to look at....i doubt they smell very nice about now, but i don't mind looking at cute men at all. as you can see, he is reaching back to grab hold of a beer that was being tossed to him. it was a successful exchange.

more dogs....they are just so cute. have enjoyed following the race on the iditarod site. they do have some cool dog pictures on there. this guy below just looks blissful!

and this one looks pretty dang happy as well.

loved the little girl cheering in this shot. just kinda cute.

below is celeste davis out of montana. i just liked her fur. it may be covered in blood at this point. she got whacked by a tree and broke her nose. she is sporting racoon eyes at this point. i think she got hit in the same area where moon got knocked out. she's still on the trail though. the female doing the best is ally zirkle. she pops in and out of top 10, but is solid in top 15. she won the yukon quest in 2000 and lives in Two Rivers. her husband is also out on the trail right now.
i am getting a headache so i think i'll crash in a bit. just watched "27 dresses", a great chick flick. that leading dude is so cute. especially when he looks at her and says, "get over here" romantic....awww.....!!
took the dogs on the big loop at n. bivouac. rio is sore in the right front so she may be getting a break for a few days. poor pooch. the snow is a bit slippery out there. she probably torked it. later i went and did my laps. got 70 lengths so 35 least a mile. rio is dreaming...i can hear her making those dog noises they make in thier sleep.
go king....!!

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