Sunday, March 28, 2010

more aialik and movie action....

took the pups to the dog park today. this dog just looked so silly and thus cute with these booties on. i should have taken video as the pool pup could barely walk in them, let alone run, though he tried. the boots kept slipping off as they were just too big. it's really icy there right now and the lake is begining to thaw so i doubt i'll get there again til after the lake is clear. it just gets too dangerous. blossom doesn't understand thin ice.
here are the dogs in the car after yesterdays 5 plus mile walk. blossom of course, did double as she chased her tennis ball the entire time. obviously, the more tired pup.

just a few more pictures of aialik bay before i stop posting them for a bit...above, mountains covered with snow reflected on water, what mountain, who knows. obviously near the bay or in the bay or just outside the bay. helpful, eh?

hole in the rock at low tide.

this picture was taken from the water taxi on the way out to aialik bay. below is the water taxi. most of these trips require you to all become part in a chain gang, loading and unloading stuff. the kayaks can be fairly cumbersome to get on/off the boat and generally take some manipulation to get in place and secure.

more pictures of sea lions taken while en route.
the kayaks are rafted up while we all chat, eat or plan the next move. quinton gives me a glimpse of his zen state out there on the water.

just another pretty face!!

everyone wants to see the glaciers calve. it's hard to do it justice on a photo. you really have to be there for the sounds of it all. just the noises a glacier makes through the course of a day as it moves forward. the calving below is rather small and created no wave really. we were out there once when the entire face about came off the glacier. the waves were seismic and very scarey. all that ice out there can potentiall flip over and take you with it. the one day the waves that came off the glacier were probably nearly 15 foot swells. i remember the kayak tipped up such that the glacier and mountains were no longer visible. you really have to be careful when paddling around glaciers and huge ice bergs, but it's worth it for the sheer beauty of it all!

attempting once again to upload a picture to the alaska magazine photo contest. it's not looking too good. not sure what the deal is. i really should take a class on computers and digital camera's so that i can be more productive.

saw a really good flick today. sandra and i went to the bear tooth theater. the movies are $3 as they know you will be buying food and beer. well i bought pizza and a root beer float. gotta love that homemade rootbeer. slurp. the movie was called, "northface". i think it was german, but not sure. it was about a race to climb a peak in the alps. it was at the time when nazi germany was going to host the olympics and they wanted to show off thier athleticism. the race was on. i believe it was a german team and a belgian team? anyway. the one pair would have done well no doubt except the second team decided to follow them and everyone paid the price. it was based on a true story. obviously, not totally as the men who were on the mountian, perished. it was very suspenseful and painful to watch. doomed. you just want to jump into the screen and intervene. of course, i had hope that the girl in the movie would do just that. she had grown up with the pair that would have succeeded no doubt, and tagged along and learned everything about climbing mountains from them. sadly, she was pretty useless in the end. just sat there and watched the last guy die.

rio was pretty sneaky today. while i took my shower this morning she snuck into the office and snacked on some leftover apple and cheese slices. later in the day i realized that she had also discovered a small tin of lip balm. have no idea how that huge mouth delicately opened the tin and then licked it clean. it was blackberry flavored. not something i'd eat, but i can't explain the dietary habits of a dog. one day it's lip balm the next it's rotten salmon or another dogs poop. go figure. funny that an entire industry has been created making "tasty" treats for canines. mine would be perfectly happy if you bagged up moose poop and served that up.

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