Monday, June 11, 2012

blue heron flies off course and lands in university lake....

have seen great blue herons in california and when i lived in southeast alaska, but never here. i believe this is a fairly rare sighting for these parts. i could be wrong, but the bird book seems to state that as well. my friend amy had mentioned seeing what she thought was a blue heron out there, i must apologize to amy as i thought she must have seen something else, but there it is!! good eye amy!! looks like a great blue heron to me. maybe a lesser heron, but for sure heron like! i'm not an official birder but i have spent some time around birds. was pretty excited at this sighting and happy i had my zoom on me. i tend to take it on all my walks just never know what you will see out there, obviously!! let a few friends know what was out there, but unfortunately by the time they came he was not too be seen. he was sitting on this bit of wood out there on the lake and then when i'd walked around a bit he flew over towards me, landed on the little island and then flew back towards the hotel. didn't get my camera back out of my bag quick enough but did catch one or two shots in flight. michelle found me out there and at some point we saw this muskrat. not a great photo, but another fun sighting at the park. it's been spitting rain off and on all week. i was working these past 4 nights so i'm never too sad about rain on my days of work. hoping it gets it out of the system so that we can enjoy our jaunt up to don sheldons cabin at ruth glacier next week. my schedule gets strange for a few weeks due to trips and my neice coming up. the trundle bed is to be delivered on friday and saturday i will get the hall/stairs carpet changed out. yippee!! so i was fairly productive today. it was threatening rain, but i am now prepared for front deck when the sun does decide to show up. bought another gallon of the stain for the front deck. so cute when the dogs crash in the car. the lake wore them out today. we went twice this stretch of work. another day i headed up patterson and gave up after the creek due to the downpour, yesterday i headed up there again and was happy to be able to cruise to cheney lake and then back home. not bad between shifts. while i was walking the dogs in a pretty good rain a guy opened his window and commented that the big dog, rio, didn't look very happy about walking in the rain. she never is and i need to figure out where i put her dang rain coat. yes, my dog wears coats! she's blind, she must be colder than the average dog. it does help keep the mosquito's off her as and blossom chase the ball. work wasn't bad. i was precepting a new intern in the adult icu for a few nights so she did all my work until 3am. hard to start back to work in those wee hours, but nice to have someone do the bulk of the work. hopefully, she learned a few things and i wasn't useless. my last night i was in the peds icu, only one kid though and that kid was improving fairly rapidly so a good and easy night. peds in general was fairly slow all weekend. on one of my walks i noted a teenager riding his bike without a helmet and texting to boot. business could pick up if people do stupid stuff like like. dandilions are pretty...they drive me nuts but they are beautiful!! guess it's the same with beautiful people. they can be demanding.
there was a bear attack sunday. the bird ridge trail. guy got swatted around pretty good by a female griz with a baby or two. he was able to shimmey 30 feet up a tree and call 9-1-1. he had to hang there for a good hour waiting for help. don't think his injuries were too awful, he was treated and released, but it would be tough to keep your wits about you after a bear has been biting on you and slapping you around. still prefer this to what happened to that poor homeless dude in florida. some crazy guy chews off 75% of the flesh on your face while you are awake. creepy.gotta find a replacement for one person who dropped out of the round island trip. bummer. will cost each of us just over $150 to take in those costs. spoke with the fish and game, they are super helpeful. just hard to find someone who has the money to spend and the time to take off on such short notice. had a line on a few good ones but they all fell through. anyone want to go to round island, july 8-15?? gotta be in dillingham july 8th. it's the wildcard spot!! need to start packing for don sheldon and pay the bills. that is what is still on the list for tonight. i'm excited to get the trundel and carpet done before people show up to visit. went for a walk with an old friend i haven't seen for awhile, always a favorite, kelly. we headed out to jodphur on thursday. we did the main part of the loop then cut over to the beach view. i think she's only done that section in the winter. it's been may/junes favorite walk so far. just an ocean fan so always good to just be near it. watched bits of the stanley cup playoffs over the past week. the los angeles kings won tonight...GO KINGS!!! gotta love my home team. great for them and for los angeles!! above is a creek near the house and above that is blossom in cheney lake.a bonus of working nights this time of year is that between 3-4 am this sight is seen. took this out of a patients window. had a cruiseship patient for a few nights. happy to report improvement. we get lots of travelors in the summer and many never leave alaska. my advice is don't hold off on taking that dream vacation until you are too old, but then again, i'd say don't not go because you are too old. better to die taking a fun holiday than regret never taking it, right?loved the clouds that day out at jodphur.lots of flowers. will have to stop at that spot on the highway near eklutna soon for wildflower photo's. my deck didn't quite get 24 hours drying time...the rain moved in. still is looking good though so hopefully it was dry enough.lots of these little flowers around town...they smell so nice!!just the connecting trail up patterson that i use to get to the creek and then on to cheney to pay the bills, then i probably should eat something. that bowl of ice cream and canned corn that i ate earlier isn't gonna hold me all night.

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