Monday, June 25, 2012

don sheldon in black and white

one night of work down, 2 nights to go so i thought i'd toss in the black and white shots i took out there on the trip. everything just always looks so different in black and white. my thanks to tanya for handing me a few rolls of black and white film on the first trip out to round island years ago. it's easier now with digital to just flip it over to black and white mode and see what happens. always fun though. loved this one above.
shelly enjoys the sunshine.
we really had amazing weather and as i dwell on my anxiety i guess the up side is that if that is the worst incident we had on this trip we did okay. there is always risk when you travel out in the middle of nowhere. we could have had a fall and all that goes with that. i also was, with thier help able to move through the anxiety and didn't have to be helicoptered out of there. of course, i've never been in a helicopter and the idea of being put in a basket and hoisted above this space would have made it necessary to immediately put a straight jacket on me and load me up with haldol or ativan or something. i'm sure i could have been convinced to just slide down the sides over risk a helicoptor ride out there.
was perusing others photo's on the internet from the don sheldon. must have been much earlier in the season. loads more snow. tents pitched on the snow behind the cabin. seemed a bit unstable for us to do that. there were trails dug in which do look like they would have been more of a comfort. still that last bit up was a 30-35 degree angle up. being that i'm not a mountain climber i don't really see that number and relate it to what a mountain looks like. i hike trails. was interesting to see how different the place looks in a different month. the place is unpredictable and many of the journal entries spoke of white out conditions and snow drifts. when the place gets 3-5 feet of snowfall, which was noted to occur even in july at times. whoever is at the cabin must hoof it down to the runway in their snowshoes and try to pack down the landing strip for the planes to land.
enjoying reading about don sheldon. he did lots of other work before getting his crack at piloting. trapping, working on planes and building runways. he also had some crashes in the early days. totalled a few planes.
liked this of mack, i think he's taking a photo out there.
often we look at a great pilot or anyone who becomes great at anything for that matter and we forget that they started out green and through trial and error learned thier trade. you never start out at the top of anything. you learn lessons and build upon it. you just have to be willing to pick up after you fail, analyze, forgive yourself and move forward. often people quit when they suffer a loss or failure, but that is not where greatness is made. we all have weaknesses but greatness comes from pushing through our weaknessess not from giving in to them. obviously, don sheldon was a man who was able to get beyond that which would have delayed or stopped others. he isn't ashamed to accept a certain amount of luck that comes to all of us in this lifetime. we can't always take credit when things work out, sometimes you just get lucky. his crashes saw a loss in machinery, but life wasn't lost.
hoping i have a change of assignments tonight. some patients are just annoying. no way around it. we are all humans and some humans just annoy other humans. patience is a skill i continually work on. as i drive to work i tend to say a prayer, i generally ask that i have patience with both the families, the patients and my co-workers. 12 hours is not that long a stretch but it can seem like forever some days.
our time out there went very fast. trying to work on next weekends trek with my neice out to byers lake. should be less of a production. just haul stuff to a cabin. then the big round island trek. need to contact fish and game again and let them know we will be a party of 7, which is fine, and that we'll need that day permit. hopefully, they will have heard from our water taxi and we'll find out how crowded or not the island will be that first night.
below mack has walked out to the lower part of the rock outcrop. this is where tents are placed when the snow is more packed.
remnants of snowfalls.
tourists enjoy the amazing weather. hoping this weather returns and my neice and her friend can take this flightseeing trip next week. it's cloudy rainy the past few days here. perfect for sleeping. was happy i got the lawn mowed before the weather came in.
loved this photo of gail out reading in front of the cabin.
i think i'm peeling a bit from my sun exposure out there. i have raccoon eyes. not the most attractive tan.
a plane takes off.
still trying to see if my brother and his wife are coming late in the summer/early fall. has been a busy year so far. haven't gotten that many big hikes in. will probably be able to try that more after round island. july and august are pretty open right now. have never done lost lake or the trail off exit glacier to the harding ice field. could be great if the weather holds. blossom could do the lost lake, but the exit glacier one is not really dog friendly. still have to sort out the dogs while i'm off on round island. think i'll leave rio with michelle and see if i can split blossom up a bit. don't want to take advantage of anyone so wouldn't feel good leaving them again this summer. rio is fine at home while i do day hikes with blossom. the summers really do fly here though.

didn't notice the monkey in this picture before i loaded it.
these are all from the flight back. i got the thought to just switch over to black and white for the flight. see what came out. thought a few came out nice.
we had another superb flight back to talkeetna. can't complain. turbulence was low and the scenery spectacular!
will plan on taking black and whites out on round island again. always interesting returning someplace with different camera gear. often when you buy new stuff you long to go places you've been and see what happens. most places up here i don't get the opportunity. still hoping all will be a go for round island. it aint' over til it's over and alaska travel can be very unpredictable.
still have at least one more post full of photo's from this adventure and then on to the next thing. winters i have to be more aware of my surroundings in order to scout out shots, summers photo ops are everywhere.
these glaciers go on for miles and miles and it's sweet to see the progress of them as you go from the nexus to the silt filled rivers and terminus.

still need to get my shower in and it would be nice to at least get the dogs walked in the neighborhood. looks a bit windy out there, but doesn't seem to be spitting just yet.
cloudy days are always good sleep days.
silt filled river. the silt will gum up your water filter. we melted some of the snow up there on don sheldon and i noticed little worms in my cup at one point. happy i brought those dramadery's so that i knew the water i drank was ice worm free. i'm not keen on ingesting worms.
i'm sure we all did at some point though. hopefully, there is no fall out.
better get moving on the day. another night of work headed my way.

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