Saturday, June 2, 2012

tutka pics, installment 3.

another day another fifty photo's. this otter was quite unafraid of us. snapped a few pictures. he was grooming out there, rolling over and grooming more. so cute.loads of eagles out there. i think these came out the best. eagles are like moose, if i see them i'm going to take pictures. most of the wildlife is though. today i took the dogs to eagle river nature center for a walk. saw some bear scat but no bears. apparently there had been bears there earlier, but there was alot of traffic so it probably moved on. it's a pretty popular trailhead. it's not covered by my state parks sticker so i have to pay $5 for parking or buy an annual pass. don't go out there often enough to buy the pass. pretty day though and we enjoyed our walk.we probably walked just over 3miles. went until the dogs could take a dip in the lake and back. pictures later. didn't take tons, but should have quite a few days worth of hiking pictures by the time i'm done with these kayak shots. saw a few moose coming back. one female without a baby feeding off the trail about 50 feet. she paid no attention to us for the most part. closer to the nature center there was a bull moose laying right off the trail, within 10 feet. there were a few guys taking pictures and standing there. with my two dogs i opted to sneak past and not risk rio catching scent of a large bull moose. those guys should have moved along a bit and given the moose more space. always love boats and reflectionswhen i got back to the trailhead there was a large malemute that was dragging it's owner around. kinda a mess as there are alot of people there. the owner was a man who appears to work out with great regularity and still he seemed to be no match for the strength of that dog. i encouraged them to take a different route and avoid the bull moose as i really don't see that going well at all. don't know what people are thinking sometimes. for awhile that day of paddling it was cloudy right where we were but you could see this hope of sunshine off in the hole in the rock. hate to be in there when that rock shifts. precariously placed in there by nature. the sun came out and we enjoyed an amazingly beautiful paddle that day. sometimes you just get lucky. all these little islands kept us all entertained and the flat calm water was awesome!did make it to mile 5.2 greenhouse. i think it's 5.2. could be 5.6, who knows. that is the name of the place. they didn't disappoint and had a large assortment of bleeding hearts and himalyan poppies. got some work done on the beds up front and planted a few of my new perinials. can't seem to get grass to grow where i want it too but it does grow well in all of the flower beds so work getting it out and trying to get the roots as well. hopefully, the new plants do well and come back again and again. the more perineals i can get in my beds the better. lots of stuff growing well out there so will be fun to see it bloom. my little lettuce beds are starting to grow. while i was out there doing yard work it started to sprinkle a bit, which felt good. chatted with a few neighbors. it's a friendly hood. told the one guy that i thought i had a new tramp stamp as the mosquito's were having at me as i was bent over and my lower back was exposed. bratty mosquito's. we are starting to peak with all species of mosquito's happily breeding and flying about.just lots of reflections and stuff. never got called nice to just chill and sleep. watched a netflix movie, "the rite". i think that was what it was. was falling asleep in the begining. it's about a guy who kinda falls into becoming a priest and then falls into getting trained as an exorcist for the catholic church. how in his training he meets the devil which makes him become a believer in god more. guess it's based on a real story. the priest he's getting trained from weakens after a person he was treating who was pregnant dies. the devil takes him over and the trainee has to find enough faith to assist his tutor. kings won again. so up 2 games. this one was in overtime as well. i missed some of the game as i went swimming. came home, turned on tv and the final goal had just been scored. pool was nice, most of the time i was alone in the pool, very relaxing and good to go soak after doing gardening and feeling dirty. i'm always screeching as there are gross bugs in the soil and they scare me. this is why i happily live in a place with over 6 months of winter and no bugs. loved these pictures and couldn't decide more to get rid of. so sad!another self portrait, you can see the wrinkles and double chin that comes with being 48...just like that!! so something disturbing in the paper. a young woman was beaten and gang raped in afghanistan. this is a death sentence for a young woman like that there. it's crazy that being raped is enough to bring dishonor to your family and require them to just kill you off to protect the families honor. hard to fathom. have to wonder if women in afghanistan and places similar jsut shut themselves off emotionally from thier daughters from birth. to save themselves pain later.
this girl, lal bibi, is 18. a cousin ticked off the local militia and she was chosen as the one to rape and beat as pay back. she is actually speaking out against those who hurt her which is very unusual. her assault went on for 5 days. will give her family credit for not killing her immediately and for actually taking her to a hospital and filing complaints to proper authorities, whatever that means over there still. if this isn't sorted out the mother and grandfather wish her to be killed...the quote from the mother was, "if nobody wants to solve our problem, then they should behead her; we dont' want her.". that is from her's just so hard to imagine. sandra took a few pictures of me. i took some of her as well, but her pictures of me came out better. thanks...i should think if this was happening the mother should be crying out and hanging onto her daughter begging for her life, but this woman was seemingly casually discussing beheading her daughter. it's all just so hard for me to fathom. so unacceptable that a rape is still considered the fault of the female. hopefully, this story being published will open some doors and give her some protection from her culture and her family. my neighbor came over to check out what is growing in my garden. we were laughing at my tree that i planted several years back. there is width at the top and at the bottom and the middle of the tree is all thin. this design is by the moose. they have chomped away at the center area, not the top or bottom. my tree looks a bit dorky, but i guess that is what the moose wanted. i have strawberries out there, but i rarely get one as the moose love to delicately nibble those off as they ripen. we shall see what moose think of bleeding hearts. they haven't seemed too interested in the poppies thus far. thought this reflection shot turned out pretty cool. hard to tell when the water ends and the rock begins.have some dinners lined up for this week. should be fun to get out with friends. ate spaghetti tonight, but i will admit my cooking skills are limited and i tend to cook the same stuff over and over so nice to get out and eat some actually tasty stuff. i figure some people die because they jsut get bored with the usual foods they have consumed for decades and just stop eating.some story out there about a guy eating the face off another guy. not sure which one was homeless, i think the poor guy who was getting eaten was. random and bizarre. don't think i need to know any more of those details. that wasn't in alaska, that was in the lower 48 some place. that is a pretty clear image in the water there. these are from that mornings paddle. we got out at 9:30 and 10:30 am...quite impressive. this is a group that tends to like to sleep in. excellent. i always sleep in at home, but when i'm out paddling i like to get out there for this water. so pretty and relaxing.of course, i take way less pictures in choppy weather! liked this one of sandra below. another self portrait...looking more scarey and dirty. running water is still over 24 hours away. flush toilets are great!who wouldn't enjoy a paddle like this!!not much else going on. not much work done inside. despite the rain it was lovely outside and i wasn't going to give up the outside garden time. that gardening is tough work though...i'm sure i'm far too delicate for it. i'm sure you've had enough of me ramblin on and i am getting sleepy. it's time for bed. took a few minutes extra to get all our crap loaded in the kayaks as we were staying in a different yurt for night 3. our rental kayaks had tiny holes for stuffing in the ports. on the morning before the boats are on the water...great way to start any day. goodnight...

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