Wednesday, June 6, 2012

catching up on the regular walks...

nothing too exciting yet this summer i'd guess. the early part of the summer is a time to get the yardwork started and for me deck staining as well. catch up. of course, the mosquito's have been horrific this past week on my local trails which is a sign to start heading for the hills where a breeze may keep the mosquito's down. nice try really. the buggers totally dig me...if only i'd have been as attractive to the male of the human species..haha!! i guess at 48 i should be happy anything is attracted to me. above is from my day out at eagle river nature center. always so beautiful.the kitten snuggles up with blossom, i can assure you this never happens the other way. blossom does not seek out ms breezy chatterbug for a snuggle, she just tolerates her. the vet asked me the last time i was in if i'd shortened ms breezy chatterbugs name...i haven't. i think it's cute! amy out on a training walk with the pups. she did great by the way. we passed a moose and further down the trail...she had a horse to deal with. the dogs did great. i think she is liking the coupler lead. does help make the dogs work against each other so you have more control. i have a coupler, but i think it works less well when one of the dogs is blind. this is from the bedroom window, moose in the some point i must have wandered into the bog. should be loaded with mosquito's as well about now. maybe i'll try to head up towards flat top tomorrow. powerline it for a change.a group of bears, mama and cubs, killed and partially ate a llama in the rabbit creek area. i suspect there will be a few less grizzley's in town in that area, one was already shot and killed. another bear was reported in the parking garage at my work, the hospital. it's that time of growth on the evergreens.fiddleheads.this guy was chilling in the bog.i think this was driving home from work one morning. enjoyed a chat with my sister the other day. she has a new grandson, congrats heidi and trevor. looks like all went well, which is always a blessing. just had to have cookie dough yesterday so i made some...nummy! so good!! may have to sneak down there for a bit more before i get ready for hometown los angeles kings are doing pretty dang good. 3 games up on the devils. feel badly for brodeur, but will be nice when the kings bring the stanley cup home. i have met the cup before. an alaskan player, scotty gomez, won with the devils i believe...hmm..anyway, he brought the cup to alaska and i met him and the cup...really i was more interested in the cup, who wouldn't be! it's the dang stanley cup!!more from the eagle river nature center. they showed interviews with wayne gretzky. he was really amazing to watch play live, but he was always too clean for me. always had too many guys protecting him. kinda bugged me. i always preffered the dougie gilmour kind of hockey player. always love those old growth forests. these trunks are so cool looking.just walked to the river access and back. rio loves getting in and wading. she wasn't keen on this in the early days living with me, but now she's very comfortable getting into the water. too confident at times. cool butterfly/moth thing out there. a bug with pretty wings.enjoyed dinner with friends gail and mac last night at outback. the waitress was quite green and so ordering was a bit confusing. food good as always. so much less crowded there since the olive garden opened. not as impressed with olive garden. service and food takes way too long. it was supposed to rain all week, but when i came out from the restaurant last night i had to curse..the sun was shining. of course, this meant that i had to stop by lowes and that i had run out of excuses avoiding the deck care.tonight met up with a few other friends for dinner at orso's. i'd totally worked up an appetite and so i left little on my plate. great food and some good laughs/chats. met tanya out at campbell for a walk with the dogs. i had my bug spray today and we both lathered up good. made it til the last little big then the bugs began to ignore our deet. luckily they love tanya as much as me. felt bad as i zipped home dropped off the dogs and booked it to my massage appointment. by the time i headed out to dinner i was a mixture of smells from bug spray to massage oils to wood stain. anyone really wonder why alaska didn't get that award for great dressing. no time to really rid body of one odour before adding another. finally a photo of rio...sorry not a good one. she just doesn't seem to desire to be photographed.the bull moose picture i snapped out there was blurry. i was trying to control two dogs and not piss off the moose. between getting a photo and not pissing off a bull moose, i'm happy that i didn't piss off the bull moose. no picture is worth that.devils club in the sunshine. out at jodphur. went alone this day. wasn't alone out there at all though. they were doing 4 wheeler races and there was some sort of bike event going on. all went well. we went out the regular jodphur trail and then came back up along the water. saw a kid and her dad bikeriding. kid didn't look too thrilled, lots of bike walking as the trail in that area wasn't really good bells are out.blossom takes a break and below is signage warning of a agitated moose.more pretty flowers.even prettier flowers. i think wild geraniums, but i'd have to check with tanya.took a few. my little orange canon camera is having issues. it takes pictures but it's often unclear what picture you are taking. the main screen is often blank. luckily, i just ordered a powershot back up camera for future trips. sadly, it takes a different battery pack than the one i've have. totally annoying!! think i'll just take the old orange as the back up camera.blossom again rests...chasing tennis balls is exhausting work.the trails have changed dramatically in just a few weeks. so pretty out there.more bluebells.just views from the traila crowded motorcross area awaits. no issues, the dogs don't freak and everyone we ran into was friendly.blossom got to chase her tennis ball across the sand dune. nobody was hanging out there in the afternoon.can you find the tennis ball? hehe, it's coated with sand!!this guy is getting good air, as were many of them. we stopped and watched for a few minutes. why not, right? this guy slowed my progress out to meet up with lena yesterday.from todays walk with tanya and her pups.the dandilions sure look pretty when they aren't in your yard.clouds noted today at some point. post massage.for those who think i live the total life of leisure, mostly i do, but here is proof that i'm capable of some forms of manual labor. i sanded the back deck. these are my before pictures.and after as seen through the window. can't let the dogs out there for a day. they were not happy to be stuck inside as i worked on the deck and blossom kept going to the back door so lay on the deck as is usual. i took them up patterson in the hopes of consoling them.i think it looks pretty nice. now i just have the front deck to do and the rails too. then i gotta load crap back on the deck.saw this car with notes on my walk. thought it was pretty funny!! off to get some cookie dough and head to bed!

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