Wednesday, June 13, 2012

late night ramblings...

it rained all day. i prefer it to rain over just being overcast. just do it already. my current dogs would have not enjoyed life in ketchikan as it rains nearly constant. they were hesitant to walk today. i have noticed that blossom has fought going into the bog. today it occurred to me that perhaps that whole moose chasing us incident may have unnerved her. rio didn't know what happened, but i never really thought about how that impacted her. being dragged into the woods. there is no time for proper commands in those situations. she stayed nervous 3/4 of the way around the loop....then we both saw the rabbit!! the chase was on. i held tight to the leash and the rabbit is safe, she perked up after that. maybe next time she won't be so hesitant to do the bog. all is set for thier care when i head for the cabin next week. i need to pack. lena and michelle will take them. if anything happens to me, they should be the ones to take on the pups permanent. don't plan on anything happening to me...not to worry. when i picked up rio after that last trip it was good to know there was a place rio could be happy at if anything did happen. blossom could be happy is a bit trickier. late night hours are the times that these thoughts go through ones head. besides, i just watched a movie and in the movie the artist it was about dies. the movie is called, "pollack" and it's about artist jackson pollack. marcia gay harding and ed harris are the main stars, always favorites of mine. many artists are troubled. he obviously had some mental health issues that he spent his life treating with alcohol. his wife, lee, was also an artist and she saw what a gift he had and dedicated her life to bringing that art to the world. it was not an easy job from what the movie depicts. he was frequently awful to her. she was smart enough to note that he was all she could handle and refused to have children with him. i've never been too keen on modern arts, which was what he did. just don't understand it all. it was a good movie though about a sad life, which tends to make one melancholy after watching. just so sad to see people destroy thier lives with alcohol. i often tell people it's tough for me to fight against legalizing marijuana when it's so much less of a damaging drug than alcohol. i just never had an addictive personality so for me having a drink on occasion is not a big deal. i never was one to not know my limits or do crazy shit. for those who are controlled by the spell of alcohol they bring misery to all and they destroy thier bodies. i don't see people in the icu ever due to marijuana. other drugs, alcohol, sure, not marijuana though. this last picture reminds me just a little of a jackson pollack painting. the shadows and the raindrops. only took a few photo's today. i know i'll make up for it on other days. overall, i prefer hiking in winter here. the mosquito's and bears make walks less relaxing. you have to be on gaurd all the time. a few new bites today. no takers so far for the trip. bummer. i know it will all work out as it's supposed to, but i hate to have to be the one to tell everyone left going that they may now have to pay $150-$200 extra for the trip. these trips are a bit stressful to plan just because travel in alaska can be a challenge. not only is weather a factor, but so are personalities. people who move to remote alaska are often unique. have met loads of nice folks out there though. just things move on alaskan time and it's harder when you live in the bustling life of a bigger city to remember that the people you are planning the trip with are living on true alaskan time. you plan as best you can and then you sit back and hope the details work themselves out. people backing out at the last minute ( a month away is really last minute for a trip like this) well they just throw that wrench in there. one thing i know though is if someone doesn't want to go there is no point trying to change thier minds. once we are on the island, none of this stuff will matter.
played the drums for a bit, will have to move them to the side of the room for a bit. it's a work out. was fun playing them for a while today.
it's my mom's birthday today. have no idea how old she'd be if she'd have lived. i always hate when people keep counting once like a celebrity dies or something. elvis would be 86 if he hadn't died or whatever. once you are dead the count stops. she is forever the age she was when her heart stopped here. in my heart she lives on though, ageless. happy birthday mom, thanks for all you did and all the times you sacrificed your own desires and happiness for us.

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  1. Love this post, especially about mom. I miss her every day. Love you, Guns.