Monday, June 18, 2012

waiting for phone to ring....

not that exciting, someone you love is gonna call waiting however. i'm on call. the adult unit isn't one to not call you in. great weather means more people are out there getting into trouble and may have need for a bed and a nurse in the icu. so i about to try to hit the sack, which should totally guarantee the phone will ring.
yesterday i didn't have tons of time, but it was so pretty i had to get out and hit a different trail. i headed up towards arctic valley. you have to pay $5 for parking but it's a fairly easy hike with good returns. in the end i was restricted by time (the delivery dudes were coming again with the rest of trundle) and the fact that i took rio. she opted to join us so i just turned around when she looked a little stressed. that was probably about 10-15 minute walk from the top, but i can go again. the dogs were happy.
ran into this pair as i drove back home. the baby moose are so adorable!!
they crossed the road and eventually went back into the woods. the woods are so thick that they quickly disappeared.
work was pleasant. had a repeat patient, great to see him doing much better. he used to work in whittier every other week and told me when he'd get off work for the week he'd walk through the tunnel (2.5 miles back in the day when cars didn't drive through) then he'd walk an additional 12 miles to where the cars were parked. i asked, he said it took about 4 hours. in those days you would load your cars on to the trains outside of the portage turn off and then board the train to get to whittier. today they did an annual walk. got a smile out of him and i always love those old timer alaskan stories. he encountered lots of moose on these walks and several bears, no scary encounters though he did state he always had a gun with him.
the little guy looks pretty small on that big road.
trying to pack and get ready for our trek to talkeetna and the don sheldon cabin. things are looking promising so we will hopefully get a great 2 nights out there. i wanted tonight off so i could get more prepared and not be so rushed. even if i get called in now i will at least be more ahead for tomorrow's 2 hour drive north.
i have been very stressed about all the trip plans. it's fun once you go, but it can be quite a production getting everything ready...especially the dogs. i really hate leaving the dogs and my little nook here. i know it's good for me to get out of my comfort zone though. mentally. we do get set in our ways. people always said you do, but somehow you believe you are above all that. i'm here to admit i'm not. change in routine is stressful. as the trips pass and drop off my to do list i will relax more and more. have been stressed about that spot to fill, still bummed that people who really wanted to go can't take that open spot now as it is just too late. things work out as they should and will and eventually you just release it to the universes power. we'll all just pay a bit more, by next year the money will be forgotten and only the memories will remain. i take the drop a bit more personally than i probably should. it's my sensitive introverted side...still reading that book slowly.
took dogs to dog park today, this adorable little puppy was having a blast playing with blossom. maybe blossom needs a younger sibling...don't think i'm ready for that yet. we'll just have to find her an occasional cute puppy to play with.
hot here. i realize that is all relative, but the kiosk said 80 as i drove to work last night.
sunset/rise vary through the year and it's nice to be working through the night and enjoy views like this out the patients windows. guess we had thunder and lightening even last night. we really don't get that here very often. i never saw it though.
moose from the other camera.
these are from walk in arctic valley.
a small child passed last night. my heart goes out to the family as what happened was a terrible accident and the pain will stay at the core of these unfortunate people for years to come i fear. i can't imagine going through something so horrible. sometimes in life events happen and one second changes everything. life should be enjoyed and appreciated as you just never know when it will be taken from you. there is no fault here, but there will be guilt and pain forever no doubt. my thoughts and prayers to a family i never met for a loss i can never comprehend.
the mountain took a few souls this week as well. they now believe the four japanese climbers that are assumed to have perished fell into a crevasse during the avalanche. the survivor lived because he was last in the line and the rope snapped. he climbed out of the crevasse, which for some reason i can't remember how to spell. too lazy to look it up right now though. apologies for my laziness. couldn't take it...looked it up.
briefly heard on the news that there is someone who has fallen into some sort of crevasse out flattop way and rescue is underway...could be the patient i get called in for. this job is strange some days. eerie.
still pretty far behind us up there in the growth. lots of snow patches and then mud. stuff is sprouting and it will green up super quick this time of year. i will have to return in a few weeks.
blossom had a blast playing in all the snow. you'd think after all the months of winter we have here none of us would take trails that would lead us to more snow, but i was so not alone out there. we are crazy for winter.
no more skiing though.
the lifts are empty.
i'm not a downhill skier at all. these lifts have always caused me grief.
chatted with my sister for a few minutes today. since my mom passed away i tend to call her to let her know i will be remote so that someone is aware in the family if i don't return on the day i'm supposed to. now i also realize that with my family, god love em, that may just mean that a few days after i was supposed to return they will begin to think, "wasn't betsy supposed to be back a few days ago, we haven't heard from her". haha.
nice drive up on a beautiful day. guess i better make that attempt at sleep. probably won't know until i get back from talkeetna and the don sheldon cabin. here is hoping for lovely weather and some wonderful photos to share with all. keep us in your prayers...glacier landings can be a bit tricky.

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