Saturday, June 16, 2012

a day at the beach, anchorage style...

always finding new cool places close by, this beach eluded me for many years, have been enjoying it this past year or so though. doubt many tourists find thier way onto this beach, but blossom took the chance to enjoy it today. it was cloudy when i headed out today, but the sun and blue skies came out and the rest of the day was spectacular. debated going out again tonight, but we spent several hours out there and rio was lonely for us tonight. she's been following me around. lots of pretty flowers out there. i really need to check and see if the irises are in bloom by eklutna. love heading out there and taking photo's about this time of year. it was maddies birthday yesterday and so i know the bloom usually happens about then.
can't recall what the purple flowers are, loads of them and right as you hit the beach there were lots of chocolate lillies. so pretty.
sleeping lady in the background. michelle joined me after i'd been out there for awhile. her dog loaded up on dead hooligan she found lying on the beach. blossom ignored the dead fish, thank god, but she did drink quite a bit of muddy salt water. had herself a bout of loose poop before we left, but so far no other ill effects. she does seem tired after chasing the tennis ball for several hours. rio seems very tired as well. i left her home on the couch so i'm not sure why she is sleepy...perhaps she does zumba while we are out.
the trundle mattress arrived, i think they broke something on the actual trundle as they were removing it from the truck so it went back to the store and they will try to bring a non-broken trundle on sunday. supposed to be carpet people coming tomorrow. will be so nice to have the hall and stairs recarpeted and to have the floors look more finished looking. can't wait to get rid of the pink. my "master" bedroom still needs the floors redone, but little by little i put my touch on the place. want to get new windows and remodel the kitchen one day. surely they can improve on that space immensely. would love to get stackable waher and dryer in the downstairs bath and see if i could squeeze a shower stall in there so that i have 2 full baths. could be tricky.
loved walking on the beach today. so relaxing. a bit of wind blows down there, but it felt great, especially when the sun comes out. obviously a locals happy place. i wasn't alone down there.
blossom was in heaven. the tide was out and she enjoyed all the ponds left behind. she loves to lay down in them. she is one dirty dog. love her moppy hairdo though. i could never part with those curls. she is my curly girly!!
trying to be more open to people in life. my feeling is it's best to be inclusive rather than exclusive. at work sometimes people will say stuff to me like, "i can't believe you invited her". this came from my mom. she always taught me that you should be kind to everyone. she lived that rule. there were times i would have given her carte blanche to be unkind. my grandfather lived with us after his stroke for years. after he had another large stroke we finally had to put him in a home nearby. she visited him every day and felt horrible about it. the worst though was that her brothers took her to court over how she dealt with her fathers money while under her care. of course, they waited until grandpa was in the home for fear of having to do anything to help him. sadly, my mom was never good at record keeping and though she didn't rip off my gramps the brothers "won" thier case. the judge did mention to her lawyer, which he mentioned to her that it was obvious she'd done all the work and the boys just wanted the money. jerks. they even argued about him having a subscription to National Geographic magazine. they claimed his eyesight wasn't good enough to read. he probably had had a subscription since they started the magazine and he did love to thumb through and look at the pictures. besides, it costs less than $30/year now so i can't imagine it costs much then. anyway...long story short, my mom didn't rip her brothers a new one and kept inviting them to christmas eve dinners.
better to be,
rather than,
better to be kind,
than cruel,
better to accept,
than to judge,
better to live with love,
give freely,
than be miserly,
and live in hate.
back to some fast poems. i'm not perfect and there are people who can drive me nuts. but i think you just have to find a way to be inclusive with some boundaries. there are a few people whom i've met who are just toxic and it's best to just avoid those people. so i can't claim to be a perfect soul by any standard. often people have made choices which have led to thier own misery. i don't have to make thier misery worse, but in some cases it's best to not take on a totally toxic person. in general i try to spend the bulk of my time with people who help me to be a better person. people who have a more positive outlook on life. loved the paw print in the mud.
i prefer conversations that have some meaning and depth in general as well. i have my raunchy moments like the rest of em, but there needs to be a limit on that or it gets old really quick for me.
spoke to my brother jeff today. seems like hours ago. always a pleasure. i guess another brother has someone else write his facebook updates. i guess i didn't realize people did that. i had thought his posts seemed odd lately. don't have much to say about that except that it's odd. otherwise i have to express an opinion and i just don't want to bother with the backlash of that.
apparently the mormon church is lightening it's stance on homosexuality? this from my gay brother. perhaps after so many gay mormons killed themselves they realized the error of thier ways. soon perhaps they will get a revelation and completely flip to allow gay marriage despite investing so much money into the war against gay marriage. it sounds like you can be openly gay and be mormon but not act upon it? they've come along way from thier previous treatment of gays...there are enough web sites out there on that one.
it's pretty well known on this blog that i was raised mormon. i left in my twenties and in 2001 got my records removed. whenever i had moved before then i had been located by the church within 6 months and it kinda freaked me out. when i moved to anchorage from ketchikan i stopped that by getting un-babtized. most of my christian friends have been appalled that the mormon church would revoke a babtism. they will just re-babtize me after i'm dead in a hundred years or so i guess.
it's so strange how mainstream the mormon religion is trying to become. the founder, joseph smith, went into the woods and prayed to get an answer to his question of which church he should join. from the story we were taught god, the father, the son and the holy ghost came to him and told him he should join none of them, that they were all wrong and that he should restore the faith that had been intended. now the church seems determined to become just like all those other churches that joseph smith was told were totally wrong. one member even told me the only difference between mormons and the other christians was the actual book of mormon, which apparently in her mind, contained no new doctrine. how similar can they be when smith writes not just one book but also the doctrine and covenants, the pearl of great price and made tons of revisions to the bible. joseph smith never intended the mormon church to be like the other churchs so it's always fascinating to me that the church has come to this point.
i bring this up because i read a siblings blog where he mentions that mormons gave up polygamy years ago like that is all there is to it. he totally ignores the doctrine of the church. seems like that is what the church and it's members do more and more. the facts are that the mormon church does believe that in the next life men can become gods of thier own kingdoms and will have multiple wives in the next life. a man on the earth can actually be "sealed" (the mormon marriage rite) to more than one woman at a time. if a man gets divorced civilly he may or may not get a temple divorce. a man can be sealed to another woman, who has never been sealed to another man, without getting that temple divorce. of course, this is not true for women, they must get a temple divorce in order to be sealed to another man in the temple. i just get so annoyed with religions that fudge on thier beliefs. that is what the church believes, so be it. when a young woman who had just married in the temple was killed one month later in an unfortunate accident it was said quietly that it was probably best that it was the woman that died as the man could be resealed to another whereas if it had been the other way around she would have had to live out her life not being able to be sealed to another. pretty sad if you ask me.
lots of eagle activity out there. saw a few moose as i drove into kincaid park. another bear attack. all of the attacks have been such that nobody has needed to be hospitalized i believe. so that is good. lots of swatting and warning charges by the local bears. someone said a guy with a stroller was at the dog park and felt something on the back of his knees, he assumed it was a dog, but it was a black bear. another black bear wandered into a local high school. school is out luckily.
love watching birds riding the various wind currents. so amazing.
dog tired,
tennis ball chased,
mud and sand,
fill her coat,
happy dog,
salt water,
a day at the beach,
fast poems doesn't necessarily mean good.
finally planted the last two plants i bought the other week, a bleeding heart and a himalayan poppy. hadn't put on bug spray as i knew it would just be a few minutes, but they swarmed me. bites all over. yikes! the sun came out last night for a bit as well and i was able to get the lawn mowed and move the logs back onto the deck.
more eagles.
choices made,
stay with us,
for all our days,
choose wisely,
or prepare,
to live with regret,
or anger,
or not to live at all,
for some bad choices,
are the last,
the beach is just so pretty. it was so great to escape. still lots to do to get ready for the weeks ahead. started packing a bit. not sure what i'll do tomorrow, if they are doing the floors i won't want to stray too far away. if its sunny that will be a bummer. not that i don't want it to be sunny. just it will be tough to not head off for a bit hike. if they come early maybe it won't be all day. we shall see.
thought this feather was cool. saw quite a few tiny clam shells. not sure that these beaches are that full of clams though.
the wild roses are blooming all over town as well. it's flower season. still just amazes me how fast the growth happens up here. it's insane!
bumble bee action. don't want to get stung but they are kinda cool.
a few random shots from university lake. no heron sightings the other day when i was there.
went there on wednesday before work. last night i got an on call which made me happy as the sun came out and i was able to enjoy that after we've had clouds for many days.
blue bells.
the lake water level is up. combo rain and beaver activity i suspect.
the side trail to the beach in kincaid. gets so overgrown in summer. will have to spend more time on these trails in the winter. they are the safe dog trails. all the rest are for skiers.
on to the beach.

the various patterns made by the receeding tide are always cool.
lots of small rocks on the beach. the mud is mostly stable with some spots that you sink into a bit when you step there. always best to be careful in the mud around here. people get stuck out there and can get swept up when the tides come in.
blossom moves pretty fast so i wasn't worried about her out there.

the marshes by the beach, loaded with flowers.
cool mud patterns

rocky/sandy, then muddy
it's a bit of a workout walking in the sand.

had big plans for tonight. did get alot of my pictures loaded to my shutterfly account and i think i'm about caught up transferring pictures to dvd's. don't want to be caught with them all in the computer if some failure happens. nothing much else on here that i could lose.
guess i should print out the beginings of that book i was working on. need to get back on that thing. i really think it would be a cool book if i can motivate myself to write it.
a better picture of the marshes.
back to the trail into the beach access.
a last shot of how people keep cross country skiing here year round. there were loads of people out there today. not sure if that is usual or if they were doing some specific summer training program.
well, i shall get to sleep as tomorrow could come early. not sure what time these people will get here. probably when i'm still asleep.

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