Sunday, December 30, 2012

desert flower...

some people live ordinary lives, others live extraordinary ones.  waris dirie took an ordinary life and turned it into an extraordinary life.  it's within each of us. we can't all make the impact that waris did, but we can all have an impact even if it seems small.  waris was a somalian nomad who lived with her family until the age of 13 when she was to be wed to an older man in exchange for camels.  she fled, eventually landing in london and becoming a model.  the truth of her life as a victim of female genital mutilation became her platform.  this still happens to many little girls, but she has been instrumental in bringing this practice to light and for working to end it.  the movie was very good.
it's always just awe inspiring to me how easy my life is compared to so many others that share this earth with me.  makes me grateful, but also indebted.  i am indebted to whatever it is that brought me to the circumstances of such an easy life. i should do more, i should make more of an impact.  i have so much yet give so little.
in many ways, an easy life isn't the gift we all think it is.  it makes us lazy and unappreciative and whiney.

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