Saturday, December 29, 2012

melt down...

 got into the 40's today with chinook winds blowing through.  makes for a midwinter mess.  my poor little ourdoor igloo attempt is no more.  destroyed.  here are the crumbling bits.
 i slept in and woke with a headache.  with the wind out there it took some time to get motivated.  i did finally make it outside.  rio opted out so i took blossom to one of the local multiuse trails.  don't think i hit the trail til 3pm so it was already getting dark.  the multiuse trails are lit up at night. we were out over an hour.  blossom doesn't always appreciate leash walks, but it's good for me to take her on one every so often.  do some basic training.  she's very good.  leash is better on these trails.  tends to be loads of traffic.
 quite a few decorations out there on the trails.  always fun.  my attempts to get pictures was hampened by the oncoming darkness and the wind.
 mostly a veg out night.  nothing wrong with that.  my brain still is kicking around thoughts of should i stay or should i go.
 suspect val got the wrath for forwarding that email to me.   she did nothing wrong.  she would have no way to know that subterfuge was involved.  would have been strange as well if she'd sent it without the other attachments since i would not have expected my schedule to be changed.  it was clear that was what she wanted from me, but it wasn't something i said, great go ahead to.  one would expect a follow up conversation that is more rational and less heated.  one doesn't expect someone to go behind ones back and pull the wool over others eyes in order to accomplish their goal.  this was obviously not well thought out. that is what happens when you act rashly in anger.  it's better to cool off first then re-approach.  especially if you are in a position such as she is.  of course, she was upset that i was sent the emails...she had something to hide.  val would not have known that.  to her it was just an email about my schedule and so surely i was aware and so it seemed reasonable to cc me on it.  it was reasonable.  not sure when or how she intended to let me know that she'd made this change.  i just don't know how she figured this would all play out.
 this trail will take you down to westchester lagoon. there are a series of tunnels that go under major streets.
 strange ice meltage.
 always love the random gloves hanging about.  saw several moose out there on the trails as well.  that first guy above and again below was with his mom.  saw another youngish one on his own later.  as the winter continues the town will fill with more moose looking for food.
 annoyed today as well that i'm getting blamed for things i am not to blame for.  i highly doubt anyones vacation has been cancelled because i do weekends in acc.  really? also it occurred to me that once i do all my weekends in picu and the other girl gets made to do her weekends...well that could mean every other week with that girl.  that is so not appealing either.  it goes on the go list for sure.
 got pretty sloppy out there.  still quite a few skiers out there enjoying the warm weather.  blossom was itching to go lay down in these ponds and the creek that runs alongside the trail.

 this is a big root from the winds this past fall.  looked pretty cool.  was getting a bit dark for decent photography.
 blossom looks a bit pathetic as she tried to convince me to unleash her so she can romp in the water.
 by 4 the darkness descends.
 hanging baubles overhead.
 saw these pretty lit up trees from the trail, so after the walk i drove around and found this large home.  the only one on the dead end road.  a trailhead at the end.  nice location i'd say.  liked the lights.  so pretty!
 probably pretty spendy.  still getting a few christmas cards in the mail.  love snail mail.  i think i will turn in early tonight.  at least settle in with a movie and relax.  feeling tired today.  probably too much sleep.  will have to set the alarm and get my lazy arse out of bed tomorrow.
 another cute display as i drove around for a few minutes.  had a turkey breast in the crockpot for today....those always turn out so good.  gravy, mashed taters.  i'm stuffed...probably a post turkey drowiness, though they say the turkey doesn't actually make you's probably the overeating that does.
 miss breezy chatterbug chills with her seasonal friend mr bear as he reads her a bedtime story.  my mother would have loved this bear.  she loved mechanical toys that spoke/sang/danced...she was always finding some contraption for all the kids to play with.
 at the trail start, my car in the background.  i had just passed this guy when it crossed over the trail.
well, a calmer me tonight.  still annoyed and still undecided, but calmer.  will be annoyed again when the conversation eventually takes place and this person attempts to save face and pretend that it was just a misunderstanding and she thought for sure i understood after that conversation that this was her intention....see no subterfuge...yeah right.  speak the truth or don't speak at all.  people may not always like what i say, but they at least know it's the truth.  as they say...the truth will set you free.  i'm a fan.  one lie tends to begat another lie and so on and so on.

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  1. I'm sorry for the interpersonnel issues. I hope a solution is quick to come by and it's something that you can be happy with as well as will burn the trouble makers butt. But then I'm mean like that...