Sunday, December 2, 2012

let the season begin...

 started my december attending a few favorite craft fairs.  the best is always the native hospital bazaar.  it's always crowded! it's only from like 10am-3pm, one day.  the dogs love to buy me a christmas gift here each year...they are so sweet!!!  the hospital has all sorts of art such as above that is on display and not for sale.  loved these carolers!  there were also some live carolers as well.
 there are several tables of art for sale in a conference room and then you can also check out the stuff in the store.  if you ever get to the area, just wander up the stairs in the hospital as they have an amazing collection of native craft.
 eskimo yoyo's and tree ornaments are always popular grabs.
 this nativity display was also in the main christmas window with the carolers.  there was a tree behind that was all decked with native crafts.  we have a contest for tree decorating at work. it has usually been between day shift and night shift.  this year that will change to peds/picu vs the nicu.  the trees are decorated with all handmade craft...they are usually very well done, but hard to  beat this native craft tree i think!!
 of course this is what i'd love for the dogs to buy for me.  too spendy though.  these are baleen baskets with ivory decor.  these baskets probably range from $400-over $1000.  they are made from whale baleen.  it's not an easy process. they are beautiful though.
 loved these flying angels in the display case as well. aren't they cute!!
 after the native bazaar i headed with the dogs to the dog park again.  my friend amy was able to slip away and leave her husband with little lucy and walk the dogs.  i think the dogs had a grand time out there.  blossom always has fun.  rio was pretty hesitant due to the cold, but i think she enjoyed all the pets and leans.  need to figure out how to make her some ear muffs.  those big floppy ears are prone to the chill.

 amy looking good out there!!
 after i met amy and the pups i headed over to another close by and favorite craft fair at the university of alaska, anchorage.  bought some wooden toys for my nephew.  hope he likes them.  the man who made all the toys also made the toys that are now on display in the new maternity center at providence.  he was chatting with a lady and i overheard him saying when he dies it all goes to the pediatric center at providence. wow!  made me even happier to support him in his craft!!  there are some really great people out there that are just living their's too bad that our culture immortalizes the crazy, dramatic attention seekers.  they are the ones with reality shows and one day, years from now, people will watch those shows and think we were all like that.
 my arm is more sore today as predicted.  swim out. every stroke would have killed.  i think i overworked it anyway, doing my christmas cards.  the bulk are done though...just got to stamp em up and mail em out!!
it's late so i will keep this short.  good night.

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  1. Wow, I love all the arts & crafts from your area. I lived in Ketchikan as a child and have a fasination with Alaska.