Tuesday, December 11, 2012

gonorrhea in the eye...

 okay..i really don't think so, but body fluids do sometimes fly at work and you can find yourself a bit paranoid.  it is a catchy title though.  as my co-worker said, it would be a hard thing to explain.  before my work run started i took both dogs for a loop around rovers run thursday.  i think that is about 3 miles.  it had warmed a smidgee and had continued to warm up into the 20's...amazing how hot that can feel after being sub-zero for so long. we ran across this moose on the way back.  she's a good looking moose i must say.
 all the frost is now officially covered in snow.  not tons, but it's a start and people are happily out skiing again. not enough down on the local trails to snowshoe.  one can dream.
 saturday i took a break from walking, much to blossom's dismay. on sunday blossom woke me after just a few hours sleep.  she did something she never does.  she jumped on my bed and pounced on me.  she was just so happy and excited (i'm assuming this from her dog reactions).  i woke up laughing and singing to her.  she just wagged more.  what could i do but get out of bed and take her and rio for a walk.  that day we cruised a loop out in north bivouac.
 after the fresh snow saturday night these little critter tracks appeared in the backyard.  apparently, some small creature is living beneath the deck and was scurrying back and forth between it's home and the leavings from the bird feeder above.  today as i woke for the monday walk i saw the waxwings flying about.
 i was tired on the walk today.  still am.  my left leg is sore as well.  i'm always freaking, thinking i have a clot, but the reality is i've slept very little over the past 48 hours + and i've been on my feet either working or walking so i'm guessing that really isn't too shocking.
 the adult icu was booking by the end of my stretch.  i had a pretty sweet assignment though there was an abundance of poop action.  poop is poop.  guess i've just gotten used to it.  it smells, don't get me wrong, but it's not the worse thing on my job.  i see myself as a bit of a poop expert at this point.  i not only have expertise in human excrement but i have also dealt with a variety of other species stools.  dogs, cats, monkeys, rhino's, snakes, birds, zebra's....you get the idea.  how many can say that with pride. haha.
 my co-worker nearby got to help me manage my poopy patient a few times.  in the wee hours i began to sing to her...her name is michelle.  so the beatles song was altered for her benefit.  i think it went something like, "michelle, my belle, would you help me clean my patient up he has stooled, he's pooping, he's pooping, he's pooping, it must be washed away...you get the idea.
 nursing goes better with humor in it.  i try to do my part to keep life light in the unit.  people get pretty intense.  i do laugh as i am apparently one of the matrons of the unit now.  mostly, i'd say many of the young nurses are a bit cocky...until the shit hits the fan then i hear my name more frequently.  good that they see me as a resource a guess and that they trust what i have to say.
 rio and blossom enjoy the fresh snow. i think i got more at my house than they got up at north bivouac.  strange.
 today's monday walk was just lena, tanya and i.  tanya had brought an ornament which i guess we had all discussed last week and i forgot.  still we decided to pick a tree out in the deep woods and decorate it for the local critters.  i wasn't too keen on putting ornaments out there that could break and do harm to the local population.  then thought we could decorate it with goodies for the moose, birds, squirrels, bunnies and what not.  i've also seen pine marten out there and i hear there are porcupines.  i'm sure lynx wander through as well, but i think keeping the squirrels and bunnies fed will eventually please the others.
 boddhi rubbed his face and got this twig stuck in his muzzle.  of course, lena and i were cracking up thinking he looked a bit like a reindeer.  we rescued him...after attempting a few photo's
 grey skies this weekend, which i found very nice...we were warm and happy...all of us.
 the tree's downed from the fall windstorms make for interesting scenery out there.
 dogs happy out there enjoying the day.  rio, i suspect, was having second thoughts about her decision to join us.  we did the big loop, which we haven't actually done for several weeks. the frost opportunities were too tempting for us all so we have changed it up to enjoy the beauty.  we'll have to do the big loop  next week in order to decorate our tree.
 tanya is wearing her skhoop.  she joined me at kaladi's.  right after we ordered i turned towards her just in time to see the skhoop slide down to her ankles.  i busted up.  it was so funny!  i am easily amused.
 got some calendars in the mail.  i think the line got a bit longer after i arrived, but still a bit of a wait.  that is how it is at the post office this time of year.   it always cracks me up that they hire no extra staff and don't man anymore than 2 at the counters no matter how busy the place is.
 there was traffic this evening so i popped into russian jack park to see their lights.  seems to change year to year. this year flowers.  pretty. i love to wander about looking at the various light displays.

 i drove out to alaska mill and feed and picked up a real tree...obviously not alive, but real.  love the smell of the real tree.  i usually leave it up for 24 hours before i add the lights and then tanya's daughter maddie usually helps me decorate it.  always fun.
 blossom has already wagged a few hundred needles off the poor thing.  that is how it goes.
 so strange when someone that was a close friend suddenly becomes more of an aquaintence.  i have no idea why or how that happened.  leaves me wondering what if anything i did or didn't do.  i tend to blame myself first for anything no matter how unrelated i am from the situation.  surely it must be my fault.  it still saddens me to have a friend just cut out like that without really any explanation or discussion.
 didn't feel like being an add on this week either.  i mean if i wasn't invited initially, inviting me just because i happen to contact you seems insincere.  i know i'm overly sensitive again, but really...it gets old.  i do yearn to have people in my life that want to hang out with me, aren't forced to hang out with me.  i'm nobody's obligation.
 social stuff has never come easily for me and it's seemed to be more difficult the past few years.   you'd think it would get easier.
 there is a newer young nurse at work.  she's always asking me to tell her stories from my 20's-30's.  this week i was telling her about the days with my friend mimi mixing with the top gun pilots at mirimar.  we had what we lovingly called, "slut passes" for ladies night on wednesday at the mirimar naval air base officers club. we had some great nights out there in san diego.  will have to tell her about the many,many tickets i've gotten out of in my time.  i lost track after 45 or so.  i must have gotten pulled over at least once a month back in my 20's. i usually was able to talk my way out of it.  so...i must have been adorable and charming back then...what happened?  hehe. before you get too upset with me, i did go to traffic school at least 4 times as well...do they still  have that?
 i told this girl how we used to hide girls in the trunk on wednesdays and sneak them on base.  once you were at the club, nobody cared whether you had a pass, they just were happy for the females.  one girl met her husband after being hidden in the trunk to get on base.  of course, this was pre 9-1-1.  i highly doubt we could get away with that now.
 also told her about one particular night when we found a stray austrailian pilot at the club.  they would come and train there.  we loaded him in our car and went off searching for his mates.  we eventually located the house they were staying at.  well there must have been close to 30 pilots in this place when us two girls arrived.  i suppose we should have been scared, but we had lots of fun.  at one point the whole lot of them serenaded us with a rousing waltzing mathilda  round.  too funny!!  another co-worker asked about my marital status after this.  i informed her that some people get married young and have kids, others stay single and have fun.  life goes how it goes.  i'm sure if i'd met some great guy i would have gotten married, it was just never something i was willing to settle on.
 marriage seems tough enough, best to start with as good a match as possible.  i still believe it's better to be single than to be married to some jerk of a guy....many wouldn't agree though i have found.  fear of being alone is pretty common and i've seen some people make some pretty devastating mate choices for fear of being alone.  single is, in my mind, often the big secret.  people act like it's this horrible thing and to pity those who never marry.  i pity those who marry poorly way more.
 this is on rovers  again,back before the snow.
 had fun with the black and white last week.
 ran the continuous dialysis the other night. it's been forever.  took me a bit to get back in the groove.
 cute story about a spider that went into space...it recently passed after living it's life out at the smithsonian institute.  hehe.

 the creek was really pretty the other day.
 loved all the feather crystals on the ice over the water.  very pretty.
 more crystals on blades of grass.
 i'm getting to the end of my ability to think rationally and fear that i'll ramble and say something that will offend someone...okay not too worried about offending anyone. clearly i'm an open book of the most part.  i have nobody to talk to in the wee hours and people think it's nuts to talk to yourself so blogging seems a good outlet for a single gal like myself.

thus to the end of another exciting post.  do hope you enjoy and please comment so i know someone actually reads and that i'm not really just writing to myself...which may be seen as crazy as well.


  1. Love your blog! The pictures are amazing! I am a rn as well so i totally get your posts about work. I found your blog by accident(I was googling broccoli salad and found dutch harbor dirt and you...internet is amazing:0 Would love to hear how you got your dogs and thier history before you. I am in mass and if the commute was shorter i would be along for the Monday walks. I just wanted you to know you are not talking to yourself but even if you were thats ok too. Take care,and try hot yoga for your circulation(leg) and wing issues.Mary

  2. OK, with this particular title, I was thinking it was a twist on Hasa Diga Eebowai from the musical Book of Mormon. Love your take on poop as a nurse. Wish you'd been one of my Dad's nurses as they mostly neglected doing a thorough cleaning and re-insertion job after poop tube blow-out when he was hospitalized a couple of years ago. And now that same Kaiser Harbor City facility wants to cut nursing staff by 10% in order to keep customers' costs low, while claiming that patients will not experience any degradation in services. Hmm, how's that work?

    Anyway, keep the blog coming, as I love all the cold-weather and outdoorsy pix. I still feel like a wimp, coming back to L.A. after only 13 years in Mammoth, but I gotta say that I'm digging going bike riding in shorts and watching the laurels just losing their red and gold leaves only 2 weeks before Christmas.


  3. hello mary....i love trolling blogs, it's amazing what is out there! rio catalina is a blind fila brasiliero. adopted her through a local rescue organization, she went blind as a puppy i guess. blossom, the labradoodle, i got as a baby at 7 weeks old. she was born in alaska. thanks for the kind words...wish you could join the monday walks, they are always fun!!