Wednesday, December 12, 2012

snow's coming....

 supposed to get up to 10 inches tonight. possibly 15 in the higher elevations.  perhaps that means i can snowshoe tomorrow...would be cool.  just two nights to go.  i can make it through that with minimal sleep and max snow time!  today i took blossom to the coastal refuge to have a look around.  rio walked a lot yesterday so i like to give her a break after a long day.  she'll be giddy in the snow so i'll probably take her tomorrow if i snowshoe up in the bivouac area.
 above is view from my bedroom window as i woke this morning, close to 10 am.  below is view from my rearview mirror as i drove down tudor.
 the signal at campbell airstrip has a super short yellow light and it's kinda at a slope down.  i know this and slowed to stop with the yellow.  in the lane next to me someone flew through the yellow, turning red.  then 2 more cars drove through that light totally red.  people need to slow it down.  just because you own a 4 wheel drive truck does not mean that the car will stop on a dime with you driving at above normal speed limits.  it's so annoying.  just with the little snow we've had the hospitals are getting lots of traffic accident action.   job security for me  i guess. i just don't want to get slammed into by these people who don't seem to understand winter driving basics...slow down!!
 i like the coastal refuge as it's a short walk. the kincaid beach access is longer walk but you do get closer to the ice chunks and stuff. i think the tide was much higher a few weeks ago.  it really all varies.
 either way, it's always beautiful out there.  this one is only accessible in the winters.  all boggy/marshy in the summers.  blossom lost her tennis ball before we even got down the sledding hill.  (it's one of the best in town).  lucky for her i discovered i had a spare. makes for a much more fun walk for blossom.
 she is always happy though.  can't really upset this dog.
 the clouds were lovely. have been wanting some cloud action.
 these dead trees are always fun to photograph.  i'm sure i have tons of pictures of them already.  they are probably remnants from the 1964 earthquake.  after the quake the tsunami/water level rose.  these trees were probably bathed in salt water for an extended time at that point and were unable to recover.
 this big tree is a trail marker for me out there.  the tide last time i went had clearly come up around this level. the tides change pretty fast here and are huge changes so one must pay attention to tide books.  the tide was supposed to be at it's highest at about 5:30-6pm.  i felt pretty good going out.  besides the snow has been there for a few days so clearly the tides haven't been coming in this far for several days/weeks.
 those chunks you see are ice floated in on a high tide.
 always love how stark it is out there.  amazing.
 slept in today so didn't get too much accomplished besides the walk.  after working all weekend i really do need a catch up day.  as i've gotten older the stretches are tougher.  i used to do 7 on, 7 off.  now i do this 4 on, two off, two on, then 6 off.  that seems to be working pretty well.
 did get to my hairdressers.  it's been a few years.  a few months back i did chop about 4inches off my hair which had grown out to one length.  i was ready for a change and to look like a girl and spruce myself up from time to time.  i'm sure i will tire of the work of curling and drying and go back to long again.  i told him to do what he felt would be good for me.  debated going short, short, but this is how he went so works for me.
 i'm doubtful i will be able to get the curls just right. it's been awhile since i handled a curling iron...could be a learning curve.
 got the lights on my little tree.  love the lights.  waiting to see if maddie will be able to help me decorate.
 back to the refuge.
 a few in colour.
 oddly, i think i liked the black and white better.
 adds to the starkness of the scene.
 a favorite mexican joint is on the way home from my hairdressers, serrano's, so i opted to stop there for take out mexican.  so nummy.  they have great salsa.
 it was super warm today, by alaska girl standards. i was without hat and gloves out there, i think we were in the 20's F.
 i even put on nail polish.  jesse, my hairdresser, gave me free samples of a nail polish and some lotion since it's christmas.  he's been my hairdresser for years, though i haven't been to him or anyone else for several years...i think 3 years actually.  he remembered me though and we caught up.  i love when he washes your hair, he gives you a lovely head and neck massage!!  oh happiness!!
 so i feel like a girl today...!!
 paper gave out more on our local serial killer that killed himself in prison recently.  keyes liked to hang out on the coastal trail looking for potential victims.  he was carrying a rifle with a silencer on his bike?  apparently he'd spotted a couple sitting in their car and was debating shooting them, then a police officer came over to the couple and keyes thought of killing them all, then a second officer showed up and keyes left.  i did wander the coastal trail several times last winter so that is a bit unnerving.  i think he tended to avoid people with dogs, thankfully.  makes you wonder if you saw this crazy person out there.  did he see you and think of taking you out .
 grew up in the los angeles area and i decided long ago you take the precautions you can against thugs like this, but in general they win if you make major changes and avoid living your life just in case.
 there was a local woman who disappeared on those same local trails last year and now one must wonder if it was keyes that killed her.  she was in her 50's and always walked everywhere.  her boyfriend searched for her every day and finally found her after 2-3 months.
 obesity rates fell in anchorage...yippee!!  of course the "little" breast fed baby i took care of was totally chubby.  she had this cherubic face and then rolls upon rolls. it does look cute in a baby.  of course, my brain kept seeing patients that i've had that weighed in over 500# in her. like she was one of them, just midgitized.  super sweet mom...gave her some of my pizza.  breast feeding mom's gotta eat and drink.  i'd never finish the pizza anyway.
prayers for Najia Sediqi who was assassinated in afghanistan the other day.  she was the acting head of womens affairs, having replaced Hanifa Safi who was also assassinated. such sad news.  my heart goes out to these brave women and their families who put themselves at risk in hopes of helping make their nation a better and safer place for women in future generations. they have a tough road ahead of them.  always amazing how poorly women are treated across the globe.
i should try to get to bed so i can enjoy the snow tomorrow.  let it snow, let it snow, let it snow!

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  1. Enjoy the coming snow for us!
    Love the earthquake/tsunami trees! I thought they were so cool when I was there.