Tuesday, February 12, 2013

different perspectives on life...

 we did get loads of lovely snow.  so my work out today included shoveling this back deck, the front deck and the driveway.  monday walk on snowshoes for 2 of the 4 of us.  i had the others skirt around the lake thing and i crossed over making more snow circles.  i still am not that good at them, but they are still cute and fun.  of course, tanya was smart and did a big heart out there.  the dogs ran through all of our stuff.  still fun while it lasts.  finally feels like a good amount of snow..more our normal.  the fur rondy race can go on, the iditarod ceremonial start can happen....unless we get another sloppy warm up.  it's been a strange winter that way.  oct/nov/dec were cold, cold, cold and then it's been this mixture of a bit of snow followed  by a warm up and slop.
 got valentines cupcakes made for the coffee shop and goodie bags for everyone.  i'm sure my main motive was that all those goodie bags meant leftover candy at the house...num!!  a few leftover cupcakes as well!!
 lena, tanya, myself and a girl from acc, libby were on the walk.  libby had worked the past 4 and got lost on the way over so she gets bonus points for making it, albeit a bit late.  lost a frisbee to the snow at the very start.  always hate losing things that aren't cheap tennis balls.  hell, i don't like losing tennis balls unless they are destroyed.  i'm just cheap like that.  will just have to see it as another dog owners gain and hope it finds a good owner and a happy dog to play with it.
 different perspectives i say because the original heated discussion from dec 26th is somehow perceived as a discussion where it ended in us agreeing that i would switch my weekends to picu and someone is clueless why i think this was handled poorly or in any underhanded sort of way.  really...are people really that daft? when i argue with someone it would never occur to me to assume that an agreement had been made.  i'd always follow up on an argument...which actually i did when i came back to work that night and this person just acted like oh well and said nothing of the fact that she'd already made arrangements for the schedule change.  that seems underhanded and dishonest to me?  funny how people see things totally differently or perhaps find it easier to just believe things happened differently.  i think it's more the latter.
 regardless, sometimes life just gives you an opportunity for change even if you don't know that this is what you want at the time.  i needed the change and i think it's easier to just stay where you are when it's comfortable...comfortable is never that good of a thing. challenge is good as growth always comes from change and challenge.  growth rarely comes from comfortable.  everything about this encounter and the responses that followed tell my gut that i've made the right choice for me.  dealing with a person like this on a regular basis would be incredibly annoying and i have no desire to deal with that crap. so my thanks to the path of life that has brought me to this new change and challenge...i'm excited for the growth and learning that will no doubt make me a better person.
 today was beautiful!!   sunny and warm, without being too warm.  the snow circles burned some extra calories.  trudging through the deeper snow that hasn't seen any action yet burns the thighs a bit.
i had good intentions of doing my swim and maybe even a ski...but i got sucked into the westminster kennel club dog show.   besides, rio stayed home today and she saved me a spot on the couch...who could say no to that?
 since i burned so many calories i bought myself some of those super fine steaks at costco and cooked one up.  the rest are individually wrapped and frozen by now.  gotta love costco.
 the dogs go a bit crazy out there.
 tanya enjoying the day.  i guess it's another holiday next monday...so many holidays.  who knew!
 lena leads the pack. the dogs let her lead on the snowshoes through the deepest parts...they  are pretty smart...those pups.
 here is tanya making her heart in the snow.
 blossom cracked me up as she settled in to the center of each circle as i made it, then she'd watch me and as soon as i started the next circle she'd catch up and get into the center again.

 did manage to get her to follow me out of this last one somehow.she's so adorable!!
 i don't have much patience for dishonesty.  my father was always honest.  i always admired that about him.  it hurt sometimes, but in the end i think at least people can trust you, good or bad.  i may not agree, you may not like what i have to say, but at least you can count on me telling you the truth.  i think that is why this whole episode left a bad taste in my mouth.  i am not a leaf that will be tossed  by the wind, i'm more the trunk, holding solid in a storm...you may try to take me down with an ax, but you'd better bring a chainsaw...and even then i suspect i would be sure to fall on you rather than just be taken down. whatever power i have been given i will use.  but i'd rather just stand tall, as the tree does, i'd rather not have to bother with a fight.  stay and wait for the next incident, face it off and go to battle or just walk away.  walking away seemed the most rational to me.
 mostly i like to use my power for good...or just fun...like these snow circles.  i prefer to follow the wisdom of dogs. live, bark, eat, play...
 took another of the three of us not with the camera facing the sun, but we all looked better in this one despite the sun.  whistle lips...gotta do something goofy some days!!
 libby survives her first monday walk.
 hot cocoa and cupcakes...lunch!!
 amy, lucy and sandra joined tanya and i for kaladi's.
 miss lucy got to get some good bouncing in and we got to witness her discovering her laughter.  of course, her laughing got all of us laughing, which just got her laughing more!!
 a few pictures of rio on the couch "watching" the westminster kennel club dog show.  the whole judging thing seems pretty subjective.  tonight they judged 4 groups.  hounds- american foxhound won, toy- the affenpinscher won, herding- old english sheepdog and non-sporting- bichon frise.  lots of beautiful dogs and lots of women with cankles...sorry, but there are a lot of cankles out there and poorly supportive bras might i add. the herding group saw some improvement. perhaps it's breed related?
 rio, clearly is not interested.  her breed, fila brasilliero is not recognized by the akc...perhaps she's a bit miffed about this.  she certainly doesn't appear upset that we watched it though.  maybe she'll be happier when the group with all the mastiff breeds comes on tomorrow night.  i'll have to plan my night to hit the pool early so that i can enjoy the rest of the show.
 i wasn't alone with rio on the couch. pogi joined me, i'm sure he wasn't interested in the dog show at all.
 one last shot of miss  breezy chatterbug.  another exciting day in my life has passed.
supposed to be more snow coming.  we shall see.

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