Monday, February 25, 2013

thought it looked funny...

 so i took a picture.  it's dog walk monday!!  took rio as tanya and lena bowed out and karen out of town, thought it may just be me so rio walks cause she can be slow and if it's just me that's cool.  as it turns out speedy and sydney came as well...they were happy to see the slow moving rio catalina.  no hurry today, just enjoy the fabulous and beautiful day out there. syd gets to ride for most of the trek.
 there was this one time though that got amy and i both cracking up.  she wanted to throw blossom her toy.  it was such a production for this little girl to move in her snow suit, picking up the tennis ball, moving in for the throw, winding up and pitching the ball to blossom.  blossom quickly recovered the tennis ball, which rarely went more than a few feet, and happily returned it to syd.
 always impressed how dogs get that it's a kid.  she was very patient and seemed to have as much fun with syd as syd was having with her.  so adorable!!  eventually, blossom would run one back to me for a real throw every so often and then she'd take it right back to sydney.  dogs and kids...gotta love em!!
 amy takes the easy way down the little hill, though i believe there was a big bump in the middle of that hill.
 not many pictures today.  it was pretty out, just enjoying the company and laughing at the antics.
 we went up tank then back through the meadow and stumphenge.
 the temperatures were warm.  was sucked into this computer.  with argo taking the win for picture it got me thinking of someone i met back in south dakota.  he was a meter reader at the time, but supposedly had been one of the hostages. was this a tall tale or was it truth.  i'll never know.  i can't for the life of me remember his name and i looked at all the hostages names and none of them really connected.  we hung out a little and he said very little of the experience. i do recall i ran into him soon before i left south dakota and he said he'd accepted a job in the middle east and was returning.  one never knows...clearly it was a terrifying 444 days for all.
 syd was rewarded with a cupcake!  she looks pretty happy.  i guess she's been walking an invisible dog at home this evening.
 we were joined by amy and lucy and eventually katie and shell showed up as well.
 we all had fun watching amy get lucy laughing.
short post today...gotta get up tomorrow and meet with folks at the float pool and get ready for night one of three.  this weekend will be filled with iditarod adventures!!  did chat with my oldest brother today.  always fun to catch up with family.

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