Monday, February 25, 2013

the box says don't eat the cake batter...

 but i always do.  i have my little rebellions in life.  i've had a few majors ones as well i guess.  overall, i don't see myself as to rebellious but i'm sure in another country or another time i would be deemed extremely rebellious for a female.  left the church i was raised in, never married, never had kids, brazen!!
many of these are from yesterday at the fur rondy.  today was a bit more of a relaxed day.  just drove down to turnigan and walked a bit of potter to mchugh.  very little really.  this brazen female started getting nervous about the drop off's.  what if there were an earthquake??  an irrational moment.  i'd blame it on rio,but it was all me.  she was doing fine.  so all in all we probably only walked 3 miles.  it didn't help that i was overdressed for the mild temperatures of upper 20's, lower 30's F.
anyway, above is blanket toss.
 miss breezy chatterbug and sapogi monitor the bird activities outside. we got a bit of snow again last night so their feeders are again covered up.
 more blanket toss photo's.  so fun to watch!!
 tonight i met with friends for dinner at the bear tooth. i always like their taco's there.  so tasty!! had a margaurita to go with it.  maddie thought it looked tasty...i told her it was but she'd have to wait til she was 21 to try it.  she had a great time exploring all the apps on my phone.  she got sucked into pocket god and was lost for much of the meal.  cracked me up that this kid went places on that app i had no idea existed.  this younger generation is way better at all this computer's impressive.
 so many people refuse to pay 99 cents for an app.  i say get over it. really, 99 cents is too rich for your blood,yet these same people will pay $12/person to attend a movie.  it's all entertainment in my mind.  as long as you set a limit on the amount you spend each month on things like app's/music/books and stick to it i don't see it as a big deal. i try to see things in a how much use do i get out of it.  i've gotten more entertainment out of a few of those 99 cent apps than many other things i've spend money on. i figured in the old days of cassette tapes and cd's i'd generally only allot myself like 1-2/month.  so now i can spend $10-15/month on music or apps.  i rarely get anywhere near that.  it's so nice to not have to purchase an entire album, especially since so few entire albums these days are worth much.  why is that?  they just crank em out and don't take the time to fill an entire cd with quality stuff?
 here is the blanket used in the blanket toss.
 a few shots at the carnival.  i cruised through on my way back to the car.
 didn't play any games...or eat any carnival food for that matter.
 watched part of the oscars tonight as i got ready for dinner.  then later i had to look at the outfits.  that one reality show chick just barely covered her nipples in her "gown".  it looked so painful and uncomforable in addition to being tacky and hideous.  what is always funny to me is that more and more as i check out the gowns from the evening i have no idea who the people are they are showing.
 i did like gowns i saw on jennifer aniston, sandra bullock and jennifer garner.  i wasn't too keen on hathaways dress, plain, dull.  zellweger wasn't looking good in her gown either in my opinion.  of course, she is probably like me in that, in the right light she can look very nice but when it's not her light...eek! i just thought her dress wasn't fitted right, unflattering.  kidman always looks stunning, but i can't say i liked her gown tonight.  you could put her in a gunny sack and she'd still look amazing.  not sure she ever has any ugly moments in life.
 argo got best picture, i did like it.  i missed a few of the big contenders though, like life of pi and les miserable.  i'll have to check those out one of these days.  though both of those were probably better seen on  a big screen with theater sounds than on my tiny dvd player.
 i watched the progression of the snow sculptures yesterday.  they supposedly had judging today. not sure who won. i suspect that moose one was getting a ribbon.  this star wars one was quite well done too though.

 liked the clay mock up model.

 the bull was pretty impressive as well.
 i liked this guy though the design wasn't that intricate.  still very cool
 and who doesn't love an otter!

mini hot flash coming on.  so that means it's not related to exercise...just me.  oh joy. though i do look more forward to this end of the deal over the first go around when i was a kid reading the pamphlets they handed out in my closet cause it seemed wrong to read it in view of others i guess.  lots of flowers all over the pages and talk of the joys of becoming a woman.  i was no fool though, i could see they were trying to sugarcoat something which appeared less pleasant.  i do not recall having "the talk" with my mother.  i do remember hearing her announce to my brothers that i was wearing my bra for the first time and they weren't to tease me...which i knew meant that i was now a target.  
 made some cupcakes tonight. i may have to sneak down there and have one before turning in.
 stopped by pier one this afternoon.  it was on my way and i like to see what's on sale.  got this pretty platter/plate thing with a brightly coloured peacock on it.  embarrassed myself as there was this glass dolphin on the bottom shelf, i picked it up to check the price and weight of it.  i set it back on the shelf but it must not have been level.  crash that thing went and glass everywhere.  luckily i didn't have to pay for the dang thing, but then i decided it was pretty silly to keep fragile things like that on low shelves, kids could easily break those....and adults of course.
 a few from rovers run yesterday.
 the sun started to come out.  we had a decent sized sucker hole today as well.  when i lived in ketchikan we called small pockets of blue sky sucker holes, cause only a sucker would actually believe that meant it was gonna clear up.
 still a few times the light shines through and it's pretty pretty when it does.

 getting tired.  didn't get my post dog feed nap in today.  chatted with my niece for a bit which is always lovely.  lazed about and read the paper.  can't remember much from that...that cupcake is sounding better and better.
 these are from todays walk out potters to mchugh.  one moose sighting today and that was along northern lights.  they have had a much easier year this year than last year.

 leftover berries on the tree's.  amazing they haven't been picked over.
 rio out enjoying the day.
 always love the trees after a snow.
 blossom gets coated in snow.  gotta love this dog!!

 turnigan arm.  even got a train to cruise past.  i should try and get my brother and his family to take this train out somewhere...i want to go on that trek.  they do have different trips you can book. i may have to check into that before i hit the sack.

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