Tuesday, February 12, 2013

hanging with amy and crew!!

 i think she had mostly a good time out there.  met up with amy and syd up at prospect heights.  the snow was still pretty deep.  she said they got like 11 inches up there.  almost tramped down too much for snowshoes, but that is still debatable.  sydney started to have a meltdown and rio and i were more than happy to take the short cut back.  love letting the kids and the dogs get the blame for taking a short cut!!  haha!!
 blossom's tennis ball went awol anyway...it's been a rough week for toys for blossom!!
 went back to amy's place for some hot cocoa and a tour of the new house!!  it's a beautiful home with an incredible view!  i'd say they hit the jackpot on that one.
 the girls greet me as we head back down the hill. above amy helps sydney recover from her spill out of the sled...after that syd seemed to be having fun playing in the snow for a bit.

 another beautiful day out there.
 amy laughing....always!!
 i ate an early dinner or late lunch i guess.  i'd put a turkey breast in the crock pot and it was ready.  nummy. i started to watch the presidents state of the union, but if i wanted to get to the pool and be home before westminster started up i'd have to just shut that off and run.  got my laps in...only one lane available due to kids swimming.  i always find that a wee bit annoying that they rent the pool out to these groups...i pay a monthly fee.  the downside of the alaska club is that it's a greedy club, spendy and always looking for ways to get more money even if it inconveniences their other paying members.
 the dog show was a bit disappointing.  in the working dog group, which has many of my favorite breeds, the portuguese water dog won, again.  the judge didn't even give any of the mastiffs a second look.  he clearly wasn't interested in any of the larger breeds.  they have a toy breed category, when will they get a category just for dogs over like 85#?????  mountain dogs/pyrennes/malemutes/husky's/mastiffs...ignored!! poor rio moped on the couch all night!!it was the affenpincher that won in the end.  a beautiful old english sheep dog got runner up at least...what is that, in case the winner can't fulfill the duties of best in show...since he's retiring and moving to the netherlands the old english may have to take over...i heard the affenpincher may have done some off colour portraits at some point in his career. hehe.
 every two year old is required at least one melt down a day.  love that face!!  the world is just so distressing to a 2 year old.  it's just gods way of teaching  us all how to handle lifes little disappointments.  they can get bigger so one must be prepared!!
 i loaded up all the feeders today and enjoyed watching all the little neighborhood birds go to town.
 whatever cat used to haunt them is probably dead under my house so they were free.  i think the smell is improving, but it may take awhile to decompose whatever it is down there.  i'm guessing cat, but saw nothing under deck and couldn't get a look under the house in that corner.
 my cats stay indoors so the birds are only watched carefully from the eyes inside the house.  these were taken through the glass door as they tend to scamper away pretty fast even with motion inside the house.

 rio is actually happily snoring away.  she's being a good sport about the westminster disappointment...she recovers quickly...one dog treat and all is forgiven.  one more day off then i'm back to work!!
i shall turn in early....good night

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