Friday, February 8, 2013

i love snow!!

 we got a nice snow the other day. i  hear my brother and his family in Boston will be hit hard tonight with snow.  hope they fare okay. at least it's a weekend so they don't have to be anywhere really.  they can hunker down and play in the snow hopefully.
this stellar was in the bog yesterday.  wednesday i went snowshoeing out north bivouac trails, thursday out to baxter bog and today we just looped around at university lake.
 before i could play in the snow i had to do a little work.  the car was covered and then the back and front deck and drive had to be made more manageable.  it was relatively warm out there so it's a work out.  i do enjoy the process though. it's totally worth it.
 blossom got frisbee time in, which she always enjoys.  today it was back to the chuck it with the packed down snow of the dog park.
 i still put her on leash around the open water area's.  today i was really happy i did as there was a rather larger beaver swimming around by the bridge.  i wasn't quick enough to get the camera out so sorry.  lots of dogs showed up about then and they were circling the open water out of curiousity and then the owners were screaming like crazy to keep the dogs from venturing any closer to the beaver.
beavers have a reputation in this dog park for coming after dogs.  several dogs have had to go to the vet after an unpleasant encounter with a beaver.  the thing finally slapped that big tail on the water and dove under the ice.
 rio almost went walking out in the snow the other day. i  got her dressed and she made it to the front porch and then she stopped.  i tried to coax her further but she turned back to the door.  happy she feels confident enough to opt out.  settled her in with NPR and peanut butter.  the words "dog park" motivated her today and she also made the loop yesterday of the bog.
 me out on the snowshoes.  love snowshoes.  they are always my choice over ski's.  i am just more coordinated on them.
 the news seems to be quietly spreading that i'm transferring to the resource pool.  the schedule looks like it will painless, which is great.  little things at work this week just served to help me know that i've made the right choice for me.  i had a great run at going between the two units.  i've really loved it and it lasted much longer than i ever would have expected.  i have learned a lot and grown a lot as a person and as a nurse.  i'm ready for the challenges that will come to me in my new role.
i think many people have always just assumed i already worked in the float pool, being that i go between units as i do.  orientation will happen as it will, if it's busy i'll be pulled to the units i'm already trained to.  i think the peat team will get me first for orientation.  i'll have to be on my toes for that role.  i think it will be a good experience.
 blossom loves to taco her least that is what i call it when she comes running back to me with it folded like this.  so cute!
 it's hard to see in these pictures below but i decided to attempt snow circles.  it's my first attempt and i had blossom with me so she ran through them from time to time so that i could throw the frisbee for her.  it was relaxing and fun.  mine do not look nearly as neat as other peoples snow circles. just my first try though.
 was tempted today at the dog park to try it out on that lake.  would be better to get a few friends together and all walk to the middle of the lake and snow circle our way back to shore.  they still looked pretty cool.  wonder if anyone noticed my efforts.  there was a huge group of people on snowshoes that took off another direction from me.  wondered if they looped back this way on their travels.
 i'll have to study some more snow circle pictures and see how i can improve upon my new hobby.
 overall, blossom was pretty tolerant of my activities. she was already a bit worn out from all the frisbee tosses.  she let me know when she was bored and we moved on.  i probably did close to 10-15 circles by then.
 she got loaded with the snow balls.  if you are quiet you can totally hear them knocking into each other as she runs/walks.  it totally cracks me up!!
 i almost got to the pool today.  peanut butter bones filled and then i just sat down...a friend called and that was that.
 wandered over to stumphenge but that was about it for the day.  the snow circles were my big fun for the day.  blossom is quite tolerant of whatever i do out on the trails as long as she's out there.
 the bendable crew made a few more acrobatic moves this week at work.  this is how we left them wednesday night
 and this was how we had found them.  let me assure any mangement that is lurking that these silly antics are only done on our allowed 15 minute breaks.  that is a paid announcement.  i was informed that one member of management likes to lurk around facebook checking on her staff.  i say defriend that one, who really has the time or pettyness to bother with such things.
 still have never figured out how to turn pictures on this new blog format.  drat!
 rio shows off her coat.  she had a lovely day sniffing in the bog.
 this may be the grand finale for me as far as the bendables goes.  we all had a great 15 minute break setting this up...believe me this took less than 15 minutes.  i'm not keen on heights and these fish are hanging off the ceiling.  no patient information is visible...i made sure.  as i don't like heights every precaution was made so that i would not fall...i would have no desire to try and explain this on some workmans comp claim.  no nurses, bendables or fish were injured in this.
 hopefully, i don't get in trouble for this childish prank, but there it is...sometimes we all need to break up the stress and craziness of our work days with some silly child play. the fish are super dusty and we tried to see if we could pull them off the ceiling, clean them and then load the bendables, but there didn't seem to be any easy way.
 call me totally immature, but seeing them up there the rest of the night just cracked me up!
 alicia was busy that night, but like me, she gets to enjoy the weekend off now.
 even taking the photo's did not take me over my alloted 15 minute break. haha!! the peds unit is painted all pretty and the ceiling is this underwater scene.  pretty cool actually.  the fish are fairly light, though i think they would really rock in an earthquake.

 you can see the bottom of a kayak in this one and the tail of a whale.
 a few dogs running around after the beaver had already dove down.
 there were actually two stellar jays in the bog with a slew of magpies swooping down on them.  not sure what morsel this guy has in his mouth but apparently they all wanted some of it.
 this is some sort of merganser duck.  love his spikey hair on his head.  too cute.  he was out on the water as the beaver was swimming around.  saw lots of the university lake regulars out there.
 rio knows them by voice i'm pretty sure.  treats and pets...that is what she is in it for.
guess i will try and make it an early night so that maybe i can wake up and enjoy a longer walk tomorrow.  hmmm...where to go, what to do?  i suspect i'll leave rio at home.  good night.

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