Tuesday, August 6, 2013

a blend of alaskan summer days...

 liked this halibut shot.  he put them all out on the back deck and then started cleaning them up.  he was done by the time we returned.  he had a bag short and we were all in a hurry to get to the tunnel.  the swedes were sweet and just took 3 bags.  perhaps we should have had the guy mark them up better.  no halibut photo ops with this boat i guess.  oh well, no time in whittier.  you are always all  about getting to the tunnel to get out of whittier.
 i enjoyed a lovely chunk of halibut for my dinner tonight as a matter of fact.  cooked it up in a mix with tomatoes and seasons.  very tasty i must say.
hakam looks pretty chill in the picture above.  below is me being chill on the front deck of the boat....i'd already caught my limit.
 those who limited out got to relax and enjoy the sunshine.
 party on the deck as it turned out!
 the kids were the last fishing.  i think the captain claimed a few of theirs and let them try again.  not sure, but it seemed that way, which was super nice of him.
 here is the captain giving martin some fishing tips.
 this one loaded sideways, but that big cooler was overflowing with butts!!
 another of our fish out on hte back deck.
 he made fast work of those fish and tossed all the bones overboard.  probably some happy fish below getting a free meal.
 the captain also gave maddie a boat driving lesson
 and let her take the wheel for a bit. i think she had a blast doing that! the boat did seem to move side to side for the time she was running it.
 she does look pretty chill there.  perhaps a career in the making!
 not a glamorous shot of me, but i had to give it a shot.  was trying to look like a flat fish like my buddy there.
 halibut are not the most handsome fish, but i think he looks better dead than i do alive in this one.  oh well.  at least alaska has a more generous beauty curve than most places.  if there is a fish in the photo, it's a great picture!
 the rods stored above.
 home, shower, package the fish.
 always making my way to the beach up here.  this day again, rio insisted on coming and i was unable to leave her behind.  she lay down several times on the way back.  i took her to the vet just to get a weight . she'd been overweight last time at nearly 135# that was in the spring i think.  she is now 119 so she has dropped quite a few pounds.  not sure that is good or not.  her eating has been off a bit, which is super odd for rio.  was wondering today if maybe it's her sight.  maybe,  though she has always been blind, she has always had just some shadowing and that may be totally gone now.  if she is in total darkness now that may explain her behaviour too.  not sure.  will try and get her to vet after my family visits just to get a feel for what the vet thinks.
 for today, we did a loop in kincaid.  the little campbell lake loop.  rio never laid down so that was good.  it was a bit cooler today.  we have had occasional sprinkles. no complaint from me.
 i did manage to get out in the yard for some basic stuff.  dog poop pick up and lawn mowing.  i did stop by lowes but i just couldn't be bothered to get a mower.  the season will soon be over, nothing really on sale that struck my fancy.
 it was a good errand running day.  been too hot much of the summer to leave dogs in the car...not today.
 a few from point worzonoff another day.  both dogs again.
 loved the colours on this graffiti filled water tank or whatever it is.
 even the rocks around the tank are coated in paint.  at least we have happy grafitti artists up here.
 art is art i guess.
 dragon is cool
 these are in hatchers pass a few weeks back.
 the fireweed is just so amazing.
 the paper highlighted a story about beavers attacking dogs at the dog park at university lake.  always a problem there it seems.  a few dogs have been killed.  the beavers sometimes come at them from below and bit their guts.  the latest attack the beaver was biting the dogs rump and trying to pull it under.  they are vicious creatures.  protecting their young they believe.
 independence mine.  i always enjoy a visit up there.
 cool old buildings and flowers and on this trip a few marmots.  i'll get those pictures in pretty soon here.
 these are on to byron glacier trail by portage.  it's a pretty easy stroll, but popular and pretty. rio could manage it and it was a great stopping point on my way down to homer.
 while anchorage has been passing the record for most days over 70, fairbanks has beat the record there for most days over 80.  they are further north but they can get hotter.  they also tend to have a larger mosquito population.
 blossom tried to get in the glacier fed creek every chance she got.
 the glacier has receded tons. not too many years before this trail no longer ends at a glacier at all.
 portage valley tends to hang on to it's winter snow i find.
 rio enjoys a dip in the glacier creek
 yeah, yeah, yeah, another beautiful day in alaska.
 i've no doubt the water is a bit chilly.  some tourists were impressed that she'd lay down in such cold water.  blossom is pretty used to cold water though.  this is nothing, especially on a hot day.
 tried to get pictures of myself in the fireweed on the way down to homer.  most were throw away shots, but this one wasn't too awful.  that is some tall fireweed though.  i'm like 5ft 6 at least.
 can't say as i got tons of house cleaning done today, but i did get a little in. of course, i'm now hearing strange noises from downstairs. hopefully, that isn't rio vomiting on the couch.  i will have to buy a new couch after she passes away.  she has taken it over and it will never recover...even if i recovered it.
 bishops beach in homer.  i always forget how rocky it is.
 cars drive out on it.  not really a great driving beach from what i see.  could be a mess.
 waves and the sounds of the sea.  nothing more relaxing in my mind.

 okay...obsessed with fireweed.
 stayed a the driftwood inn. they have small rooms that are dog friendly.  the girls slept good i thought..me a bit less so.
 morning stroll on bishops beach.  no big plans for my time in homer, just walk the beaches and wander a few shops.

guess i will turn in.  back to work tomorrow and family after that.  should be lots of fun though.  have a good day and thanks for stopping by

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