Wednesday, August 21, 2013

big bang and other mixed stuff

 trying to sleep today because it was still raining and i'm between shifts and i decided it would be one of those rare no walk days
 these first are from independence mine.
 anyway. i had put in a dvd from season 5 the other day and i was feeling bored with season 5 of big bang.  so i was thinking perhaps i was maxing out on the big bang.  but alas i dropped in that first dvd from season one and found myself laughing all over again.
 i love big bang but like so many other shows on tv.  people start out as singles and eventually they get paired up.  the shows tend to get a little stale once people pair bond.  there is something exciting about the chase, the awkwardness of being a singleton out there.
 as much as we all root for these characters to find partners there is always this part of us that get a little bored once they do.  the same is a bit true in real life.  being paired up is the goal but once the goal is reached it can be tough to find it not just a bit dull.  which tends to explain all the affairs that go on out there and internet searching and gambling and drinking perhaps.
 in seinfeld i don't think any of those characters ever got permanently matched up.  it kept it fresh and for some reason on that show you are never bored by the lack of pair bonding.  sex and the city..eventually everyone hooks up..the show ends.
 i still love the big bang but i have to admit that now that everyone is hooked up it's not quite as fun.  used to love Bones too, until the two main characters that always had that sexual tension actually had sex.  it ruined the chemistry between them. i have never enjoyed the show as much.
 you can't undo it either.  once they are paired up with suitable mates it doesn't make sense to break up a seemingly lovely relationship for the sake of ratings.
 that is my sitcom analysis...yes, clearly i need to get a life of my own.  pair bonded or not.  right?
 a few from byers lake..the big cameras.
 in my quest to sleep i also watched a few ted talks, always entertaining for me.
 watched one i had watched before.  an improv guy in new york.  he likes to creat situations in day to day life that will entertain the regular folks out there doing regular folk things.  to some it may seem a waste of time, but laughter is never a waste of time.  he does some great antics with the assistance of others who are just as into causing  a scene as he is.  like having many people wander into a best buy to "shop" wearing blue polo shirts and khaki pants.  hahaha.  random can be so entertaining.
 didn't work too hard last night.  night one of three down.  trying to get next saturday night off as i forgot to mark down a date for a friends wedding.
 these are from the beach.
 as much as i want to celebrate with others i think i attended so many events in my life that my brain has a turn off valve for them. weddings, baby showers, wedding showers....then there are spend your money parties.  i know i have an antisocial aspect to my personality, but i did love the sex and the city episode about how sometimes we spend so much time, energy and money celebrating the choices of others.
 i do have to remind myself that it's not about me.  it's mostly about just getting together with people you enjoy and having fun.  it's as simple as that.  forget what it looks like it's about, it's really about just enjoying the people in your life and celebrating each other.  i feel badly that i overlooked the date in my planning. i can be a lousy friend some times.  i just never cue into the social conventions of life.
 here elijah is trying to interact with one of my antisocial cats...he fell asleep.  successfully tiring out children is a thing of great bliss.
 we all went to the pipe on the seward highway for some fresh water.  it is an anchorage thing.  thought it would be fun for them to drink this tasty water while out at the cabin.  it is good stuff.
 drive out to hatchers and a beautiful rainbow.  without rain you don't get these grand rainbows across the sky. southeast alaska was awesome for seeing rainbows.
 glacier water the colour the water is with all that glacier silt in it.
 reflection in a puddle at independence.
 nice sunset on the way home
 elijah, again, too tired to even finish his ice cream cone.
 more sunset on the way home
 with all this rain we've had i've begun thinking that the termination dust will be spotted soon
 when the clouds lifted this morning while i was at work i didn't see any...
 termination dust is that first dusting of snow that hits the mountain tops and lets us know that summer is officially over.  the temperatures are dropping and winter will fast approach.  we have had a fabulous summer though so i haven't heard much grumbling about the coming winter.
 these were from the museum.  love these paintings by this one artist where the picture comes out at you.  this otter is adorable.  the alligator below is real.  they have baby alligators there.
 the mama octopus at the sealife center passed away.  not sure if that is normal after giving birth to several thousand octupus babies or note.
 a few from kayaking.  see these are a smathering of pictures.
 just a few more pictures from my brothers visit and then onto august...which is almost over by the way.
 tom above and grayson below.  just getting started on our paddle
 young bald eagle
 a few from our stop for snacks while out there.

 a little walk and then back to the paddling.
 tom and elijah get to the top of the waterfall.
 bird rookery

 chatted with a friend from junior high.  all these years and we still love to talk.  it is amazing.  i love people who have known you forever and really get you and know where you come from and why you think the way you do.
 so many people in our lives that we intersect with.  each one has a lesson to teach you and impacts who you become...if you are only willing to be open and learn from each other.
 denali, or mt mckinley comes out for us while we are at byers lake .
 rio isn't much impressed with big mountains, but she does love feeling the sunshine on her coat.  dogs keep it simple
 so do salmon i guess.
 to the end of another well thought out blog...not!!
nothing in my life is really all that well thought out.  i should be thinking and planning and stressing, but it's just not in me.  i tend to worry only about the here and now.  yesterday is past and tomorrow seems so far away.  one day it may catch up with me i guess, but for now i will live today and enjoy today.

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