Monday, August 26, 2013

i change my mind all the time...

 this moose picture was pretty popular on facebook so i'll let her be the lead photo.  i snapped this on the way home from work..that building behind the moose is work.  they are amazingly hard to spot for how large they are.  that and i was driving home from work so this was after i'd worked all night and then stayed late to get my annual evaluation done. i actually wasn't supposed to drive this way home and had to turn around due to road work.  it's my usual route and being tired i just went the way i'm used to going.  this means i drove right past this moose the first time and only saw it as i returned to work to take a different route home.
 back to mushrooms....
 obviously i didn't get that roadie or overnight in that i had thought  i might do this morning.  freedom to change my mind is part of who i am and how i live. i did begin to get stuff out.  i got started on the yard and then got myself motivated to do more.
 i went after the chickweed.  as i was ripping it out it occurred to me that people say the grass is always greener on the other probably appears that way but in truth it only looks greener as the chickweed has totally choked out the grass and that is what you are seeing.  the grass is actually faring poorly as the chickweed is stealing all the light and nurtients from the soil.
 so much for that scenario.  if you dig in a bit you will find that the grass on the other side of most fences is dead and the weeds have taken over...or else it could actually be astroturf, just made to look green when it is actually fake.
 upon closer examination the grass over on the other side of the fence is gasping for it's last breath in misery.  that is the thought that came to me as i raked out the chickweed and stepped on dog poop that had been hidden underneath.  made me start to long for winter and frozen dog poops that would never be so rude as to attack the grooves of your shoes.  bring on the frozen dog poops!!
 instead i had the mental debate as to where i should go for my walk as the day got later and later.  i finally decided i'd head up to glen alps and walk the powerline trail.  i figured it would be easy enough for rio and that there would be plenty of water for the dogs.
 the place was beyond packed and there was road construction on the way up.  it made it all a bit deceiving.  the parking lot was nuts so i just turned around and had to wait behind the construction again for my turn.  as i drove down the hill i noted that bob, tanya and maddie were headed up towards glen alps. i pulled over to text them that the lot was full to the gills and that i was headed to prospect to try that out.
 they decided to join me so after i got my car in the last spot i waited for the next spot to open and the dogs and i saved a spot for them.  so it worked out lovely.  we all got to get out and take a walk together.
 even better as the grass up there was taller than we were and i would have been nervous and foolish to take that path alone anyway.
 bob and maddie introduced me to the fun art of fireweed seed tossing.  this time of year the fireweed seeds out.  it's like the dandilion only better.  all this cotton fluff goes everywhere when you shake it.  tanya had maddie collect some to get more fireweed in their yard.  mostly we just had fun shaking the stems and filling the air with fluff.  good thing none of us have allergies or severe respiratory issues.
 i'm sure if i'd tried harder i could have gotten some totally cool pictures of it.  sometimes it's best to focus less on the camera and more on life though.  we are never too old to giggle.
 when i got back to the parking lot my phone rang so i ended up sitting out on the back of my car talking to my brother jeff.  it was the only place the reception was good and he's in boston so i figured it was a great day to sit out there and talk.  in addition to enjoying our conversation i got to watch all the activities in the parking lot.  as it turned out a very handsome young guy was parked nearby.  too young for me, but over 18 so fair game for gawking.  hehe.  so lovely scenery to chat on all accounts.
 saw horses out yesterday.  on the day i took this picture the horses ended up just in front of us which really helped rio to walk much faster than usual.  saw them again saturday but that was just at the end of the walk so it didn't help in rio's speed walking.
 yesterday i did the mushing loop out back to the main trail and back. hadn't been back there for a bit
 when i was almost back i ran into this older guy who walks out there with his little dog.  we chatted a bit. he was asking if it was my car with all the bumper stickers on the yakima.  he was telling me he thought it was and that he had a bumper sticker he's been meaning to get me for it.  we ended up chatting a bit.  i love to talk to random people in alaska especially. i can pretty much chat with anyone but these older alaska sorts have been a lot of cool places often and are really interesting.
 i've been many of the same places.  i mentioned that i'd been to nome this summer and he lit up.  he for sure has some connection out there.  lived there for a time, has stuff still stored there.  he wasn't able to go back this summer as he's going through cancer treatments. so fun to be able to let him go to nome for a few.
 loved these mushrooms.  it was raining pretty hard by the time i got to these guys.  they were way out there on the north bivouac trails.  big and cool looking.
 this old guy did surveying work and he got here in the 60's or before.  i'm always open to hearing everyones alaska stories.  it's just a pretty amazing place.  it wasn't that long ago that this place was even more remote and life was always a challenge.  it still can be, especially in the more remote places.  obviously i'm in the big city so not too rough really.  everything was remote back then though.
 this is a lichen on this tree.
 this was on that super rainy day.  the dogs both look wiped out and less than happy with their walk in the rain.  not sure either of these dogs would have loved ketchikan as much as baby huey did.  he had to adapt to living here and not having water around all the time.  i could tell it confused him a bit for awhile.  that and he never got used to driving over 60 mph.  you never hit those speeds on that island in southeast alaska.  that dog would go into a full on panic attack anytime my car got over 60.  for some reason that was the cut off.  didn't matter what car.  my friends husband thought we were nuts and wasn't buying the 60mph thing.  he thought maybe it was just my car that did something.  one day we were in their car so we told him to take it over 60....poor huey.
 another walk out at little campbell lake.
 i am getting closer to being caught up in the pictures..must be time for me to get a few more fun summer hikes and trips in...i can't catch up.  haha!
 rio takes a break from walking.  it has for sure cooled down.  we are staying in the 50's to 60's.  dropping lower at nights for sure.
 may have to get some toxic chemicals now that i've ripped out much of the chickweed and spray my lawn.  not sure how long it's gonna stay nice.  maybe if i do it in the fall and then early spring i can kill off some of it and not have this issue as badly next summer.  mowing the lawn wasn't all that easy. that push mower needs some work.  i really should get the real deal or just hire some nice handsome young men to do the work and be eye candy.  i notice a theme.
 loved the light coming through the trees.
 there is a rainbow in this one.  i took it from my back deck.
 it was a win win kinda day though  if i get motivated to do anything work related like yard work i try to just go with it.
 the dogs seemed quite happy to chill on the deck while i worked.
 blossom was thrilled to be able to walk with her buddies today.
 and lucky for her i found loads of tennis balls hidden under the chickweed.
 these are not colours i'd want to paint a wall but they sure are pretty to see when you are out walking.
 the big orange ones steal the show.  there is so much variety though you find yourself looking all over.
 random fall leaf.
 see another sort of shroom.
 blossom on another rainy day.
 i think i have documentaries from net flix to watch this week.  could pop one in tonight.  they are at least kinda short.  i keep thinking i should do some online shopping, but i get tired and that hasn't happened.  oh well. nothing pressing.  just birthday wonder i have no friends!!  haha!!

 quick cat nail trim.  i keep them handy here in the office.  my one cat is polydactly so all those extra toes take extra time.  he sure has cute feet though.
two posts in one day.  well, actually it's now tomorrow.  good night.

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