Friday, August 16, 2013

buzzed blogging...good or bad

 guess i'll know soon enough.  i'm buzzed on less than one glass.  i'm a pretty lousy drinker...i think you are supposed to be able to drink more before getting looped.  oh well.  it is what it is.  i don't drink very often. have had 2 drinks this week though.  a sure sign i'm turning into a drunk...not. busy week.  family in town.  not that they are the cause of the drinking...i'm on vacation.  it's all about relaxing.  i am relaxed.  i often think several of my family members would be helped by a drink every now and then.  life is stressful, seems like a sensible thing to take a mental and emotional break every so often. i get that its a choice to not drink and i've certainly seen my share of health issues related to alcohol.
above is blossom...took my brothers and my one brothers family to the beach.  it was a rainy day.  we had a few rainy days out there.  i think overall they have done okay with the weather.  could be better, could be worse.  my girl looks like she's in an infinity pool
 my brother and his family are off in denali. hope they got to see some animals out there.  i know they saw the mountain a few times.  they say that doesn't always happen so i'm happy they caught a few glimpses.  those came out at the cabin.  byers cabin is always a treat. i get cabin #2 as it has a great denali view.  awesome!!
 missed one picture i thought i'd taken. we saw some pretty fresh bear scat out there.  one had some red berry in it with juices still dripping from the seeds followed by fresh tracks in the mud. i think that got my brothers attention. i know he was nervous about the bears.  you can talk about bear safety but when you see those fresh bear tracks out there, it's a reality check.  they are out there...we aren't just bluffing.
 i went to campbell airstrip one of those days...i think they were headed back from seward that day so i took the dogs off to wear them out a bit.  i didn't see any bears.  these signs do get your attention too.
 anyway...the picture i actually remember taking but that i must have screwed up was of fresh bear scat later on the trail . it was purple...purple poop.  it was basically all blueberries.  bears don't seem to chew them up much and i have no idea what kind of nutrition they can get from berries that don't appear digested when they come out the other end.  oh well. it was cool poop though. i mean purple...that is cool poop.
 we went to the beach together.  i'm always a fan of the beach. i think the kids had fun once they arrived.   seemed like a good idea.  my memory is a bit foggy..i'm sure that is the alcohol. it was hell finding parking as there were soccer matches down at kincaid. never run into that before.  spelling and typing are my biggest buzzed blogging difficulties.
 there was a bit of stone skipping.  the tides changed as we were there.  i think that impressed my brothers. it is a sight to see.  elijah got a bit stuck in the mud...always a risk in these parts.
 grayson got busy with skipping stones.
 rio was a bit sleepy after the walk down. she was happy to rest for a bit.  blossom is rarely happy resting and she got some chuck it time in with my nephews.
 sometimes the tennis ball went missing for a bit.
  i noticed the fall leaves are starting to take over.  soon we will change seasons. it hadn't changed too much up north yet.  i wasn't sure if it would have or not yet.  the mushrooms are for sure coming out more and more.
 snacking on cheese and chocolate. that empty stomach is never a good way to start drinking. tonight is robert mondavi, meritage....this is always a favorite wine.  this may be my last bottle of this.  i really will have to have a pool party soon.  the house is still somewhat clean.
 been a busy day of hauling gear.  my brother helped out by taking a load out by wagon last night.  this morning i slowly made my 3 wagon trips out.  rio was dragging on the second run so i let her chill in the car.  she is still her needy self. i'd left her in the car while we did the loop around the lake.  i was happy i did though i felt pretty guilty and nervous about it.  she did fine.  there is a suspension bridge. it seemed a bit more tilted this year than last year.  it made me a bit nervous.  i lost my lens cap.  it dropped down. i'm a wimp about suspension bridges.  that bridge would be really tough to get rio across safely.i think the rest she could have handled though.
 more of blossom
 peeks of sunshine.

 group shot on a log.  i think this may be the only shot we got of all of us together.  brother joel, me, grayson, darla, elijah, and tom.
 my brothers call me "guns" or "bb guns" or even "snugs".  snugs is guns backwards.  when i was a teenager they added in "jugs" for a bit, but i put the hammer down on that one. they still call me by these other nicknames though.  i totally just respond to al these names. i don't remember ever not being called these names.  it is pretty funny that i'm nearly 50 and i still get called these names. i took them to the museum and they would call for me across the room. i could see people looking over oddly.  i suppose it's like yelling bomb...yelling guns in a museum could be seen as odd.  it's my name though.  i think jeff calls me by these names too but joel and tom have always been the main ones to call me this.
 how did i come by this name. i have no recollection.  i've been called it my whole life.  one story was that joel or tom couldn't say "baby" and it came out as "bebe".  who knows.
 blossom is getting all her lake and ocean time in this week.  she seemed to totally remember byers cabin and where it was and that there was water right there.  always amazing what dogs can remember.
 i think rio even had a easier time finding her way around byers.  she made a beeline for the water, though she skipped the trail part and just headed downhill. i had to rescue her. i guided her down to the water so she could wade a bit
 the pictures to be posted are adding up.  i will also have to load tons of pictures onto my shutterfly account. i'm behind on that as well. the calendar will be coming up soon. i try to get stuff on shutterfly and copied to a cd.  so much easier to protect your photographs.
 the mud returns
 blossom and her disguised tennis ball.

 back up the hill.  this is tom
 and tom and joel.  we never did get a photo with the three of us that i remember.  that's a bummer.
hopefully, i didn't do too badly buzzed blogging. will attempt to catch up a bit over the next few days.  i'm off work til tuesday.  life is good.  have a good one!!

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