Thursday, August 22, 2013

a note to all the competitive people...

 i am willing to concede...
 you are smarter, better looking, better dressing, have been cooler places, have a cooler family, your house is better, your yard is better, you cook better.
 you have better gear be it hiking, paddling, camera or cooking.  you are better at the job i've done for years, have way better stories, better memories, and everything that comes out of your mouth is right, correct, brilliant.
 you walk faster, run faster, swim faster. you have more ribbons and accolades.
 your dog is cuter, smarter, your cat is brilliant, the pet food you feed is of higher quality, the treats you give are stellar.  i am amazed and in awe.
 your relationships are the best, your friendships of much greater number, you have more facebook friends, get more phone calls, more texts, more invitations,
 your car is better, you found the best and most berries this week, i saw a bear but your bear sighting was better. your retirement plan is better, your financial situation is better. your religion is better, your beliefs in general is better, your political thoughs are beyond any brilliance that could ever some from my brain.
 your key ring is better, your dishes are better, the table on your deck is better, your dishwasher detergent is tougher, your toothpaste cleans better, your teeth are whiter, your hair blonder, you have a better diet, a better work out, better health.
 i'm willing to concede all these i said, now can we have a normal conversation...a simple exchange of thoughts and ideas.
 these are the last of my brothers trip north.  back to august next blog...which i'm sure will not measure up to most of the other blogs out there.  haha.
back to work.  hail to mediocracy!!  i still prefer to be well rounded than perfect.  i still prefer to suck at a lot of stuff than excell at one. you are all better than me in all things...but i don't care!!

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